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This new edition of Nanoindentation includes a dedicated chapter on thin films, new material on dynamic analysis and creep, accounts of recent research, and three new appendices on nonlinear least squares fitting, frequently asked questions, and specifications for a nanoindentation instrument. Nanoindentation Second Edition is intended for those who are entering the field for the first time and to act as a reference for those already conversant with the technique.


List of Symbols. - Introduction. - Contact Mechanics. - Nanoindenation Testing. - Analysis of Nanoindentation Test Data. - Factors Affecting Nanoindentation Test Data. - Simulation of Nanoindentation Test Data. - Scaling Relationships in Nanoindentation. - Time-Dependent Nanoindentation. - Nanoindentation of Thin Films. - Other Techniques in Nanoindentation. - Nanoindentation Test Standards. - Nanoindentation Test Instruments. - Applications of Nanoindentation Testing. - Appendix 1 Elastic Indentation Stress Fields. - Appendix 2 Surface Forces, Adhesion and Friction. - Appendix 3 Common Indenter Geometries. - Appendix 4 Non-linear Least Squares Fitting. - Appendix 5 Properties of Materials. - Appendix 6 Frequently Asked Questions. - Appendix 7 Specifications for a Nanoindenter.




Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps, Ph.D. is the Project Leader for Surface Mechanics, Telecommunications & Industrial Physics at Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization in Lindfield, Sydney, Australia.


From the reviews:
"This book presents a comprehensive and detailed overview of the field of nanoindentation. ... Also covered are the various methods of testing, details of an international standard for depth-sensing ... . Self-contained, the treatment is aimed at those entering the field, but by bringing together material scattered widely throughout the research literature the book will also be a useful reference for the more experienced researcher." (Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, Issue 9-10, 2005)
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