The Science and Practice of Welding

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The Science and Practice of Welding, now in its tenth edition and published in two volumes, is an introduction to the theory and practice of welding processes and their applications.


1. Manual metal arc welding; 2. Gas shielded metal arc welding; 3. Tungsten electrode, inert gas shielded welding processes (TIG), and the plasma arc process; 4. Resistance welding and flash butt welding; 5. Additional processes of welding; 6. Oxy-acetylene welding; 7. Cutting processes; 8. The welding of plastics; Appendixes; City and Guilds of London Institute examination questions; Index.


"The eight chapters could make you an all-purpose welder. Excellent pencil sketches depict joint preparations; positions, motions and bead sequences for manual metal arc electrodes; torch orientations for MIG, MAG, TIG, plasma arc; resistance welding and 12 other welding processes named in Chapter 5; and techniques for oxyacetylene welding and for cutting with flames and arcs." Hallock C. Campbell, Welding Journal "This book is delightful to read. It is written with a style that makes that of most of the other technical books I've read seem prosaic." Joseph P.Kane, Materials Characterization
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