Creating a Business-based IT Strategy

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Juli 1992



This book brings together contributions from consultants, academics and executives with experience in large and small companies. They describe existing IT practice and show how an IT strategy can be developed. Common problems are discussed, and methods of avoiding them or solving them are explained.


Introduction. Creating an IT strategy - Ann Brown;
Current approaches to IT strategy. Why information strategies fail - David Norman;
Role of strategy in maximizing IT benefits - David Axson;
Making IT happen successfully - a consultant's view - John Swift;
The destructive power of information systems - Paul Raimond;
A strategic response to a competitive threat at Dairy Crest - John Freestone;
Creating an IT strategy, barriers and pathways. Financial sector IT investment - money down the drain - Hackett and David Axson;
The culture gap - Kit Grindley;
Bridging the culture gap between IT and IS, a practitioners approach - Ian Perring;
Strategy development and delivery: dealing with the IT evaluation question - Leslie Willcocks;
Making provision for IT impacts - Veronica Symons;
The management of change, guidelines for successful implementation of an information system - Frank Land;
Top management and IT - Ann Brown;
Organizing to create an IT strategy. Investigating and interpreting business strategy - Pat Griffiths;
Creating and developing a practical IT strategy - Clive Holtham;
IT you can rely on - Marco Kapp;
IT strategy at Nationwide Anglia - Brian Davis;
Future realities. IT strategies: issues and prescriptions - Chris Yapp and K Hugh Macdonald;
Future alignment realities - K Hugh Macdonald;
Formulating business strategy to exploit the new IT - David Kaye;
Future information technology strategies - Henry Green;
Reconfiguring organizations - David Norman.
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