Zebrafish Models in Neurobehavioral Research

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November 2010



Animal models have traditionally played a crucial role in improving our understanding of brain pathogenesis. Zebrafish (Danio rerio) have generated considerable discoveries in the areas of genetics, embryology, endocrinology, and neuroscience. Zebrafish Models in Neurobehavioral Research emphasizes the growing importance of zebrafish in neurobehavioral research and portrays an extensive, thorough perspective on the emergence of zebrafish as robust and translational models. Written by leading international experts, the book covers major topics ranging from stress to learned recognition of environment, encompassing a wide spectrum of the utility of zebrafish within neurobiological disciplines. The chapters provide authoritative reviews of many zebrafish paradigms commonly used in the field today. This book will be a useful guide for zebrafish researchers, and will complement another related book from the popular Neuromethods series, Zebrafish Neurobehavioral Protocols. Comprehensive and up-to-date, Zebrafish Models in Neurobehavioral Research serves as an ideal resource for scientists new to the field as well as for established researchers seeking valuable insight into the growing utility of zebrafish in neuroscience.


1. Zebrafish Ecology and Behavior
Rowena Spence

2. Olfactory Behavior: Making Scents of a Changing World
Kathleen E. Whitlock

3. Modeling Stress and Anxiety in Zebrafish
Jonathan M. Cachat, Peter R. Canavello, Marco F. Elegante, Brett K. Bartels, Salem I. Elkhayat, Peter C. Hart, Anna K. Tien, David H. Tien, Esther Beeson, Sopan Mohnot, Autumn L. Laffoon, Whitlee Haymore, and Allan V. Kalueff

4. Nicotinic Receptor Systems and Neurobehavioral Function in Zebrafish
Edward D. Levin

5. QTL Mapping of Behavior in the Zebrafish
Dominic Wright

6. Genetics of Ethanol-Related Behaviors
Cynthia A. Dlugos

7. Conditioned Place Preference Models of Drug-Dependence and Relapse to Drug Seeking: Studies with Nicotine and Ethanol
Caroline H. Brennan, Amit Parmar, Layla K.M. Kily, Arani Ananthathevan, Art Doshi, and Salma Patel

8. Zebrafish Biogenic Amine Transporters and Behavior in Novel Environments: Targets of Reuptake Inhibitors and Pesticide Action as Tools for Neurotoxicology Research
Georgianna G. Gould

9. Learned Recognition by Zebrafish and Other Cyprinids
Brian D. Wisenden

10. Inhibitory Avoidance and Color Discrimination Learning in Zebrafish
Luciana Cofiel and Rosana Mattioli

11. Spatial Cognition in Zebrafish
Joshua L. Haight and Joseph A. Schroeder

12. The Behavioral Repertoire of Larval Zebrafish
Kandice Fero, Tohei Yokogawa, and Harold A. Burgess
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