Yearbook of Morphology 1992

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Dezember 1992



A revival of interest in morphology has taken place during recent years and the subject is seen now as a relatively autonomous subdiscipline of linguistics. As one of the important areas of theoretical research in formal linguistics, morphology has attracted linguists to investigate its relations to syntax, semantics, phonology, psycholinguistics and language change. The aim of the Yearbook of Morphology, therefore, is to support and enforce the upswing of morphological research and to give an overview of the current issues and debates at the heart of this revival.


Inflectional rules in children's grammars: evidence from German participles.- Suffixal Rivalry: a case study in Irish nominalisations.- Verbal prefixation in Dutch: thematic evidence for conversion.- Wackernagel affixes: evidence from Balto-Slavic.- Head-operations in Spanish morphology.- Position classes and morphological theory.- On frequency, transparency and productivity.- Morphology without word-internal constituents: a review of Stephen R. Anderson's AMorphous Morphology.- Morphological non-separation revisited: a review of R. Lieber's Deconstructing Morphology.- Book reviews.- Book notices.- Publications Received.- Notes to Contributors.


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