Writers' Houses and the Making of Memory

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November 2007



1. Introduction : Writers' Houses as Media of Expression and Remembrance: From Self-Fashioning to Cultural Memory -- Harald Hendrix;
2. The Early Modern Invention of Literary Tourism: Petrarch's Houses in France and Italy -- Harald Hendrix;
3. Shakespeare's Birthplace in Stratford: Bardolatry Reconsidered -- Michael Rosenth;
4. Remembrance and Revision: Goethe's Houses in Frankfurt and Weimar -- Bodo Plachta;
5. Goethe's Home in the "First City of the World": The Making of the Casa di Goethe -- Dorothee Hock;
6. Abbotsford: Dislocation and Cultural Remembrance -- Ann Rigney;
7. Myth and Memory: Reading the Bronte Parsonage -- Christine Alexander;
8. Memory Regained: Founding and Funding the Keats Shelley Memorial House in Rome -- Catherine Payling;
9. The Rooms of Memory: The Praz Museum in Rome -- Paola Colaiacomo;
10. Casa Vasari in Arezzo: Writing and Decorating the Artist's House -- Ben Thomas;
11. In Vasto and in London: The Rossettis' Houses as Mirrors of Dislocated National Identities -- Paola Spinozzi;
12. William Morris's Houses and the Shaping of Aesthetic Socialism -- Vita Fortunati;
13. Memories of Exotism and Empire: Henry Rider Haggard's Wunderkammer at Ditchingham House -- Marilena Parlati;
14. "La Maison d'un artiste": The Goncourts, Bibelots and Fin de Siecle Interiority -- Claire O'Mahony;
15. Collecting and Autobiography: A Note on the Origins of "La Casa della vita" by Mario Praz and its Relation to Edmond de Goncourt's "La Maison d'un artiste" -- Patrizia Rosazza Ferraris;
16. A Nomadic Investment in History: Pierre Loti's House at Rochefort-sur-Mer -- Stephen Bann;
17. "Une chambre mentale": Proust's Solitude -- Jon Kear;
18. Epilogue; The Appeal of Writers' Houses: "That Moment of Contact -- Practical Yet Mystical -- Between Writer and Reader" -- Harald Hendrix; Bibliography; Contributors; Index


Harald Hendrix is Professor of Italian Studies and heads the program of Renaissance Studies at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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