World Cities Beyond the West: Globalization, Development and Inequality

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September 2004



Study of major cities in countries outside the industrialized West.


Introduction Josef Gugler; Part I. The Impact of the Global Political Economy: 1. Shanghai: remaking China's future global city Weiping Wu and Shahid Yusuf; 2. Seoul: complementing economic success with Games Yeong-Hyun Kim; 3. Bangkok: evolution and adaptation under stress Douglas Webster; 4. Cairo: too many people, not enough land, too few resources Janet Abu-Lughod; 5. Mexico City in an era of globalization and demographic downturn Peter M. Ward; Part II. The Impact of the State: 6. Moscow's changing fortunes under three regimes James H. Bater; 7. Hong Kong's pathway to becoming a global city Alvin Y. So; 8. Singapore: forming the family for a world city Janet W. Salaff; 9. Jakarta: globalization, economic crisis, and social change Dean Forbes; Part III. The Impact of Popular Movements: 10. Sao Paulo: the political and socio-economic transformations wrought by the New Labor Movement in the city and beyond Maria Helena Moreira Alves; 11. Bombay/Mumbai: globalization, inequalities, and politics Sujata Patel; 12. Johannesburg: race, inequality, and urbanization Owen Crankshaw and Susan Parnell; Afterword Saskia Sassen.


Josef Gugler is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Contemporary African Studies at the University of Connecticut. Much of his work focuses on urbanization in Africa and he has authored and co-authored numerous books and edited volumes including African Film: Re-Imagining a Continent (2003), Cities, Poverty, and Development: Urbanization in the Third World (with Alan Gilbert, 1992), and Urbanisation and Social Change in West Africa (with William G. Flanagan, 1978).


'The book represents quite a unique endeavour. Overall the book is well researched and provides interesting reading. Given its multidisciplinary approach, it is of interest to a large, not necessarily specialized, audience. By looking at how these developing country cities take part in and are affected by globalization processes, the authors contribute not only to the debate on the local and the global ('globalization'), but they also tell the reader a sometimes fascinating story about these cities.' International Affairs '... Gugler has masterminded a welcome break out of the mould of city analysis ...' Urban Studies 'There is rich material here for scholars striving to understand the specific local implications of global forces.' Population and Development Review
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