Work-Related Learning

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Work-related learning can be broadly seen to be concerned with all forms of education and training closely related to the daily work of (new) employees, and is increasingly playing a central role in the lives of individuals, groups or teams and the agenda's of organizations. However, as this area of study becomes more prominent, debates have opened about the nature of the field, as well as about its configurations and effects. For example, some authors have a broad definition of WRL and define it as learning for work, at work and through work, ranging from formal, through semi-structured to informal learning. Others prefer to use the concept of WRL mainly in connection to informal, incidental learning processes during work, leading to competent workplace learners. Formal and informal learning are distinguished from each other with respect to the level of intention (implicit/non-intentional/incidental versus deliberative/intentional/structured). Another point of discussion originates from the different 'theoretical backgrounds' of the authors: the 'learning theorists' versus the 'organizational theorists'. The first group is mainly interested in the question of how learning comes about; the second group is predominantly interested in the search for factors affecting learning.


From the Contents: Introduction and overview. - The world of work-related learning.
Informal strategic learning in the workplace.
Learning at the workplace reviewed: theory confronted with empirical research.
Developing a model of factors influencing work-related learning: Findings from two research projects.
Work communities in police organisations studied as emerging activity systems.
Organizing learning projects whilst improving work: strategies of employees, managers, and HRD professionals.
Combination of formal learning and learning by experience in industrial enterprises.
Workplace oriented collaborative problem solving as a tool for active knowledge management.
Changing organisations: knowledge management and human resource management.
Learning processes and outcomes at the workplace: a qualitative research study.
Learning in the workplace: new theory and practice in teacher education - and work-related learning. Critically reflective working behaviour: a survey research.
Psychological career contract, HRD and self-management of managers.
The career stories of HR developers.
The effectiveness of OJT in the context of HRD.
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