Women's Studies: An Introduction

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Januar 1996



Written for those coming to women's studies for the first time, this textbook explores and examines women's lives and women's experiences.


List of Plates. List of Boxes. List of Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1. Introductory: Beryl Madoc-Jones and Jennifer Coates. 2. Growing Up: Susanne Greenhalgh. 3. Mothers: Kimberley Reynolds. 4. Girls and Schooling: Valerie Hey. 5. Jobs: Christine Zmroczek and Beryl Madoc-Jones. 6. Leisure: Beryl Madoc-Jones. 7. Understanding Sexuality: Melanie Mauthner. 8. Health: Margaret L. Arnot and Louise Jackson. 9. Friendship: Jennifer Coates. 10. Women in the Arts and Media: Joanna Thornborrow. 11. Women, Crime and Violence: Lorraine Radford. 12. Women's Spirituality: Beverley Clack and Jo-Anne Whitcomb. 13. Taking the Next Step: Lyndie Brimstone. Index.


Beryl Madoc-Jones is Head of the Department of Women's Studies at the Roehampton Institute. Jennifer Coates is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at University of Surrey, Roehampton.


"The combination of a large body of informative and entertaining material, a clear and engaging style and an openness to a variety of theoretical perspectives makes this an excellent introductory volume for Women's Studies Students." Mary Eagleton, University College of Ripon and York "Written in accessible and jargon-free lanmguage, this book deftly guides the reader through the major concepts and interpretative methods of Women's Studies. It is a cogent synthesis of current thinking, posing important questions about women's experience, often with vivid, humous and moving quotations. It is an ideal and invaluable preparation for any Women's Studies degree." Maggie Humm, University of East London
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