Women's Health: Hormones, Emotions, and Behavior

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This book offers an overview of the complex interplay between hormonal activation and individual and environmental influences on health and disease in women. The book provides useful information and background material important for treating problems related to the reproductive cycle, eating disorders, drug treatment of women, and clinical and treatment issues in coronary artery disease and breast cancer. This is a medically-oriented book written firstly for the practicing physician in primary care, psychiatry, internal medicine and gynecology/obstetrics. This book takes a much broader view than others on the market by combining consideration of both psychological and physical disorders affecting women and by discussing treatment issues.


1. Growing up female Regina C. Casper; 2. Reproduction and its psychopathology Katherine E. Williams and Regina C. Casper; 3. Womn's sexual function and dysfunction Domeena C. Renshaw; 4. Gender differences in brain morphology and in psychiatric disorders Regina C. Casper and Laura Marsh; 5. Thyroid hormones in major depressive and bipolar disorder Naseem Ahmed Smith and Peter T. Loosen; 6. The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-cortical system Dominique L. Musselman, Gail Anderson, Maryfrances R. Porter and Charles B. Nemeroff; 7. The cost of starvation: eating disorders Regina C. Casper; 8. Coronary artery disease and women: estrogens and psychosocial and lifestyle risk factors Regina C. Casper, Kathleen A. Berra and Joan M. Fair; 9. The psychophysiology of breast cancer: Disease, hormones, immunity and stress Sara L. Stein, Kaye Hermanson and David Spiegel; 10. The psychopharmacology of women Regina C. Casper; 11. Intervention trials concerned with disease prevention in women Jennifer L. Kelsey and Robert Marcus.


"...a 'must read' for all mental health professionals, both women and men. Women's Health: Hormones, Emotions and Behavior is well written and informative, but not overly detailed. It covers the important areas and keeps the reader's attention throughout...a high level of readability, comprehensiveness and up-to-date thinking on a common theme...the readership will emerge not only with knowledge but also with wisdom." Mary V. Seeman, Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience "The editor (who is also a contributor) has assembled an ambitious book...Physicias dealing with women's health will no doubt find useful information in every chapter..." Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal " ambitious book...usable and staightforward...those who regularly treat women in practice should find the book a useful update of current knowledge." Shirley Hartlage, PhD, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal "This carefully researched and well written book provides an up-to-date review of the complex interplay between hormones and environment, and the effects of hormones on women's emotions and behavior." Psychosomatic Medicine
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