Women in Russia and Ukraine

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Februar 2006



This book by leading western specialists and Russian and Ukrainian feminists contains the latest research in the field of Russian women's studies.


1. Introduction: women's studies and women's issues in Russia, Ukraine and the postSoviet states Rosalind Marsh; Part I. Women in History: From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth-Century: 2. Peter the Great's two weddings: changing images of women in a transitional age Lindsey Hughes; 3. Women in a warrior society: Don Cossack women 1860-1914 Shane O'Rourke; 4. Teacups and coffins: the culture of Russian merchant women, 1850-1917 Catriona Kelly; 5. Vera Figner and revolutionary autobiographies: the influence of gender on genre Hilde Hoogenboom; 6. Equality and difference in women's history: where does Russia fit in? Linda Edmondson; Part II. Women in the USSR and Post-Soviet Russia: Sexuality, Identity, Health and Reproduction: 7. Managing the female organism: doctors and the medicalization of women's paid work in Soviet Russia during the 1920s Janet Hyer; 8. Innocence and sexuality in Soviet medical discourse Susan Gross Solomon; 9. Abortion and women's health in Russia and the former Soviet Union Christopher Williams; 10. The status of gays and lesbians in Russian-Soviet-Russian society James Riordan; 11. Young women and subcultural lifestyles: a case of 'irrational needs'? Hilary Pilkington; 12. 'Fullfrontal': perestroika and sexual politics Elena Stishova; Part III. Women and Work: 13. Why be a shock worker or a Stakhanovite? Mary Buckley; 14. Industrial working conditions and the political economy of female labour Donald Filtzer; 15. 'Generals without armies, commanders without troops': Gorbachev's 'protection' of female workers Melanie Ilic; 16. The return of the family farm: a future for women? Sue Bridger; 17. The post-Soviet woman in the move to the market: a return to domesticity and dependence Lynne Attwood; Part IV. Feminism and Politics in Russia and Ukraine: 18. The 'woman question' and problems of maternity in post-communist Russia Elena Sargent; 19. The Russian women's movement Rosalind March and Anastasiia Posadskaia; 20. Feminism and post-communist Ukrainian society Solomea Pavlychko; 21. Christian virgin or pagan goddess: feminism versus the eternally feminine in Ukraine Marian J. Rubchak.


'... a comprehensive collection that anyone interested in understanding more about women's issues past and present in post-Soviet states should read'. The Moscow Tribune '... a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on women's historical and contemporary experiences in Russia and Ukraine ... well written and accessible to both students and scholars'. Christine D. Worobec, Europe Asia Studies '... this excellent collection of articles, deftly edited by Rosalind Marsh, is highly recommended reading ... the workd is refreshingly orginial, lucid and expository ... The need for this book on the shelves of all Slavists is manifest.' Christine D. Tomei, Harriman Institute
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