Women and Slavery, Volume One: Africa, the Indian Ocean World, and the Medieval North Atlantic

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November 2007



The literature on women enslaved around the world has grown rapidly in the last ten years, evidencing strong interest in the subject across a range of academic disciplines. Until Women and Slavery, no single collection has focused on female slaves who-as these two volumes reveal-probably constituted the considerable majority of those enslaved in Africa, Asia, and Europe over several millennia and who accounted for a greater proportion of the enslaved in the Americas than is customarily acknowledged.


Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands; Gwyn Campbell, Suzanne Miers, and Joseph C. Miller Introduction; George Michael La Rue A Love Triangle in Cairo: A Generation of African Slave Women in Egypt, from c. 1820 to the Plague Epidemic of 1834-35; Timothy Fernyhough Women, Gender History, and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Ethiopia; Richard B. Allen Free Women of Color and the Socioeconomic Marginality in Mauritius, 1767-1830; Gwyn Campbell Female Bondage in Imperial Madagascar, 1820-95; Katrin Bromber Mjakazi, Mpambe, Mjoli, Suria - Female Slaves in Swahili Sources; Jan-Georg Deutsch Female Slave Prices and Changes in the Life Cycle of Female Slaves. Some Evidence from German East Africa; Fred Morton Female Inboekelinge in the South African Republic, 1850-80; Elizabeth Grzymala Jordon "It All Comes Out in the Wash": Engendering Archaeological Interpretations of Slavery; Sharifa Ahjum The Law of the (White) Father: Psychoanalysis, "Paternalism," and the Historiography of Slave Women at the Cape of Good Hope; Philip J. Havlik From Pariahs to Patriots: Women Slavers in Nineteenth-Century "Portugese" Guinea; Richard Roberts Women, Household Instability, and the End of Slavery in Banamba and Gumbu, French Soudan, 1905-1912.; Martin A. Klein Sex, Power and Family Life in the Harem: A Comparative Study; Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch Women, Marriage, and Slavery in Africa South of the Sahara during the Nineteenth Century; Paul E. Lovejoy The Sahara-Atlantic Divide, or How Women Fit into the Slave Trade.


Gwyn Campbell, Canada Research Chair in Indian Ocean World History at McGill University, is the author and editor of many works, including Abolition and Its Aftermath in Indian Ocean Africa and Asia and An Economic History of Imperial Madagascar. Suzanne Miers is professor emerita of history at Ohio University. She is the author of Slavery in the Twentieth Century and coeditor of The End of Slavery and other books. Joseph C. Miller is the T. Cary Johnson, Jr. Professor of history at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Kings and Kinsmen, Way of Death, and works on the world history of slavery.


"I believe these essays have an audience among anyone interested not only in the history of slavery women, but also those who are intrigued more generally by the historian's craft." - Susan E. O'Donovan, coeditor of Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation, 1861-1867 and the or of Slavery's Legacies: Becoming the Cotton South, (forthcoming)."
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