Women and Schizophrenia

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August 2000



This book examines how being female affects onsets and nature of schizophrenia, and the implications of this for treatment.


List of contributors; Foreword Robin MacGregor Murray; Preface David J. Castle; 1. Introduction and overview John McGrath, David J. Castle and Jayashri Kulkarni; 2. Sex differences in brain development, organization and degeneration: are they relevant to sex differences in schizophrenia? David J. Castle; 3. Women and schizophrenia: an epidemiological perspective David J. Castle; 4. Women and schizophrenia: clinical aspects Mary V. Seeman and Paul Fitzgerald; 5. Hormones and psychosis Jayashri Kulkarni and George Fink; 6. Reproductive, preconceptual and antenatal needs of women with schizophrenia Joanne Barkla and John McGrath; 7. Motherhood and schizophrenia Jenny Hearle and John McGrath; 8. Women and schizophrenia: treatment implications Paul Fitzgerald and Mary V. Seeman; 9. Overview of sex differences in schizophrenia: where have we been and where do we go from here? Jill M. Goldstein and Richard R. J. Lewine; Index.


'... an excellent presented example of the benefits of taking a view of psychiatry that is neither gender-blind nor using the male as prototypical ... Women and Schizophrenia is a well-edited and readable little book with clear discussions on a variety of issues, from the neurological to the psychosocial. I strongly recommend its thought-provoking approach, which could help provide improved services both for women and their families and for men, as our understanding of Schizophrenia increases.' Fiona Subotsky, Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry 'Did I imagine it, or did this book really attract side-long glances from fellow travellers as I read it on interminably delayed train journeys? True, the cover is bright and attractive rather than erudite: the book itself is a bit of both ... it brings things together clearly and offers a stimulating and enjoyable read.' Susan M. Benbow, International Geriatric Psychiatry 'Women and Schizophrenia is at its best when addressing the impact of schizophrenia on women's lives and the ways in which treatment regimes can help to alleviate problems.' Helen Pattison, British Medical Journal '... provides comprehensive reviews covering the medical (neurobiological and hormonal) aspect of gender differences in schizophrenia.' Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry '... this book provides an excellent and learned update on the neurobiological, epidemiological, clinical, hormonal and reproductive factors influencing the impact of the illness in both sexes ... Among the many interesting issues raised throughout the book is that the prevalence of the illness remains relatively stable despite evidence of a genetic influence in its transmission.' Australia and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry
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