Wind and Trees

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Mai 2004



Covers wind behaviour, mechanical physiological responses of trees and forest management.


Part I. Airflow over Topgraphy and in Forests: 1. Turbulent airflow in forests on flat and hilly terrain; 2. The interaction of the wind and tree movement in forest canopies; 3. Edge effects on diffusivity in the roughness layer over a forest; 4. A wind tunnel study of turbulent airflow in forest clearcuts; 5. Testing of a linear airflow model for flow over complex terrain and subject to stable, structured stratification; 6. Predicting windspeeds for forest area in complex terrain; Part II. Mechanics of Trees under Wind Loading: 7. Understanding wind force on trees; 8. Peak mechanical stress in sitka spruce stems; 9. Experimental analysis and mechanical modelling of wind induced tree sways; 10. Failure modes of trees and related failure criteria; 11. An experimental investigation of the effects of dynamic loading on coniferous trees planted on wet mineral soils; 12. Measurement of wind induced tree-root stresses in New Zealand; 13. New methods for the assessment of wood quality in standing trees; Part III. Tree Physiological Responses: 14. Wind induced physiological and developmental responses in trees; 15. Responses of young trees to wind; 16. Wind stability factors in tree selection; 17. Development of buttresses in rainforest trees; Part IV. Impacts of Wind on Forests and Ecology: 18. Hurricane disturbance regimes in temperate and tropical forest ecosystems; 19. A comparison of methods for quantifying catastrophic wind damage to forests; 20. Windthrow and airflow in a subalpine forest; Part V. Risk Assessment and Management Response: 21. Assessing the risk of wind damage to forests; 22. Forest wind damage risk assessment for environmental impact studies; 23. Stem number regulation models and wind stability in Norway spruce stands; 24. Thinning regime in stands of Norway spruce subjected to snow and wind damage; 25. A synopsis of windthrow in British Columbia; 26. Wind damage to New Zealand state plantation forests; 27. The experience of the Selwyn Plantation Board, New Zealand.


'... an unrivalled collection of scientific papers on the effects of wind on forests...contains an enormous quantity of fascinating information.' Quarterly Journal of Forestry '... contains a wealth of illustrations ... comprehensive coverage of research into wind and trees and will be useful for all researchers in this and associated disciplines.' Marc R. Knight, Trends in Plant Science 'After reading through this extremely well prepared and well edited volume the reviewer was impressed by the quality and range of the research.' Chris Baker, Journal of New Phytology 'This book is well referenced and illustrated and ... gives a good overview of our current understanding of the interactions between wind and trees in forestry.' Julian F. V. Vincent, Annals of Botany
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