Which Europe?: The Politics of Differentiated Integration

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August 2010



The Euro Area, the Schengen Area, and Airbus - the 'Anglosphere', the Franco-German 'motor' and Nordic cooperation - each illustrates how differentiation has become a pervasive feature of European integration. Which Europe? offers an authoritative and comprehensive examination of differentiated integration in its functional and its territorial aspects. It focuses on its implications for both the practice and the theory of European integration. Is it strengthening or weakening the EU and its Member States? Are territorial identities being undermined or strengthened? Are new theories of integration required? In particular, this book looks at the relationship between the growth in use of differentiated integration and the widening of European Union membership, the broadening in its policy scope, and the deepening in integration.


PART I: THE CONTEXT OF DIFFERENTIATED INTEGRATION The Political Dimension: Differentiation as Design Principle and as a Tool of Political Management in European Integration; K.Dyson & A.Sepos The Legal Dimension; J.Priban The Functional Dimension; A.Koelliker The Spatial Dimension; M.Keating The Temporal Dimension; K.Goetz PART II: TERRITORIAL MANIFESTATIONS OF DIFFERENTIATED INTEGRATION Alpine Europe; D.Caramani 'Anglo-America' and Atlantic Europe; A.Gamble Balkan Europe; S.Economides Baltic Europe; M.Lehti Central Europe; B.Greskovits 'Franco-German' Europe; A.Cole Mediterranean Europe; P.Heywood & L.McLaren Nordic Europe; L.Miles Wider Europe: Europe's Neighbourhood and Transboundary Differentiation; G.Edwards PART III: FUNCTIONAL MANIFESTATIONS OF DIFFERENTIATED INTEGRATION 'Euro' Europe: 'Fuzzy' Boundaries and 'Constrained' Differentiation in Macro-Economic Governance; K.Dyson 'Industrial' Europe: The Softer Side of Differentiated Integration; D.Howarth 'Social' Europe'; N.Parsons & P.Pochet 'Green' Europe: Differentiation in Environmental Policies; R.Wurzel & A.Zito 'The 'Area of Freedom, Security and Justice': 'Schengen' Europe, Opt Ins, Opt Outs and Associates; J.Monar 'Higher Education' Europe: Bologna's Deepening Empire; P.Furlong 'Trilateral' Europe? Foreign and Security Policies; A.Sepos Defence Policy: Temporal and Spatial Differentiation with Reformed Bandwagoning; T.Dyson Conclusion: Generalizations and Patterns; K.Dyson & A.Sepos


Edited By Kenneth Dyson and Angelos Sepos


The complexity of differentiated integration combined with the rich portrayal of disciplines this concept embraces contributes to making this volume a demanding read ... A a must-read for all those pondering the question 'which Europe?' and aiming to understand differentiated integration in particular and European integration in general.' - Cambridge Review of International Affairs 'This volume is unquestionably the most comprehensive and ambitious attempt to take stock of the causes and consequences of differentiation. Anyone who is interested in exploring differentiation in the EU will want to refer to this fascinating and agenda-setting volume, which is essential reading for scholars and students of European and international politics.' - West European Politics
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