What's Wrong with Moralism?

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Juli 2006



This thought-provoking book examines exactly what people mean when they accuse others of being "moralistic."
Written by an international team of philosophers
Analyses what the "vice" of moralism might be and contrasts this with a genuine concern for morality
Contributors draw upon literary sources, philosophical theories and political theory
Helps readers to appreciate the role that morality really plays in our judgements and decisions


Preface: C. A. J. Coady. On Moralism: Robert K. Fullinwider. The Moral Reality in Realism: C. A. J. Coady. Moralism: Julia Driver. Moralism and Morally Accountable Beings: Craig Taylor. A Defence of Prudential Moralism: Benjamin Lovett. The Moralism of Multiculturalism: Duncan Ivison. Liberalism, Legal Moralism and Moral Disagreement: Arthur Kuflik. Index.


Professor C.A.J. (Tony) Coady is Professorial Fellow in Applied Philosophy in the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne and a Visiting Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

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