What's Going On?: California and the Vietnam Era

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August 2004



"This intriguing book provides a rich variety of perspectives on the roles played by California and Californians during the watershed era of the Vietnam War. It examines the continuing legacy of that war and is particularly valuable for the light it casts on the contributions of the Vietnamese to California and the nation."--Lou Cannon, author of "Governor Reagan: His Rise to Power"


Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations and Terms Introduction: What's Going On? Marcia A. Eymann
1. California and the Vietnam War: Microcosm and Magnification Charles Wollenberg
2. Next Stop Silicon Valley: The Cold War , Vietnam, and the Making of the California Economy Marc Jason Gilbert
3. Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of Conservatism Jules Tygiel
4. The War at Home: California's Struggle to Stop the Vietnam War R. Jeffrey Lustig
5. The Feminist Revolution in California Ruth Rosen
6. Long, Hot California Summers: The Rise of Black Protest and Black Power Clayborne Carson
7. Chicano and Chicana Experiences George Mariscal
8. "Back in the World":Vietnam Veterans, California, and the Nation John F. Burns
9. Memorializing Vietnam: Transfiguring the Living Pasts Khuyen Vu Nguyen
10. Vietnam Legacy: The Role of California Robert D. Schulzinger
11. Vietnamese Diaspora and California Andrew Lam Epilogue Notes on Contributors Illustration Credits Index


Marcia A. Eymann is Curator at the Oakland Museum of California and coeditor, with Drew Heath Johnson, of Silver & Gold: Cased Images of the California Gold Rush (1998). Charles Wollenberg is Professor of History at Vista College and author of Marinship at War: Shipbuilding and Social Change in Wartime Sausalito (1990).

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