What Makes Charity Work?: A Century of Public and Private Philanthropy

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September 2000



Superlative reports drawn from City Journal show how charities old and new can succeed spectacularly when they encourage the poor to take control of their own lives and when they teach habits of self-reliance and the traditional virtues. Here is an urgent issue considered in vivid and practical fashion. "City Journal is the great Fool Killer in the arena of urban policy. It's more than sharp and penetrating. It's a joy to read." Tom Wolfe. "It is a perfect time to understand better why some charities succeed and others fail. For this purpose and others, What Makes Charity Work? is a must." Leslie Lenkowsky, Wall Street Journal.


Contents Introduction vii How Dagger John Saved New York's Irish 3 by william j. stern Once We Knew How to Rescue Poor Kids 23 by william j. stern How the Agency Saved My Father 41 by howard husock Philanthropy That Worked 69 by leo trachtenberg Why the Boy Scouts Work 89 by heather mac donald How Catholic Charities Lost Its Soul 108 by brian c. anderson Behind the Hundred Neediest Cases 124 by heather mac donald The Billions of Dollars That Made Things Worse 145 by heather mac donald What Good Is Pro Bono? 172 by heather mac donald How Businessmen Shouldn't Help the Schools 190 by sol stern Who Says the Homeless Should Work? 207 by sol stern At Last, a Job Program That Works 217 by kay s. hymowitz A Note on Contributors 231 Index 233


Myron Magnet is editor of City Journal, the highly respected quarterly magazine published in New York by The Manhattan Institute. He has also written The Dream and the Nightmare and edited What Makes Charity Work? and The Millennial City.


City Journal is consistently the most stimulating source of reporting and analysis.--George Will, winner of the Pulitzer Prize
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