Westminster Legacies: Democracy and Responsible Government in Asia and the Pacific

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Juni 2005



Examines the ways in which the Westminster system has influenced the shaping of responsible government and democracy across Asia, Australasia and the Pacific. It also examines the ways the Westminster system has been adapted in these different countries in the light of local practices and traditions.


Preface and Acknowledgments; Contributors; 1 Westminster transplanted and Westminster implanted; Exploring political change Rod Rhodes and Patrick Weller; 2 India's Westminster system Robert W. Stern; 3 The Westminster model and Pakistan: A continuing mirage Samina Ahmed; 4 Transplanting Westminster to Nepal: The stuff of dreams dashed Patrick Weller and Bishnu Sharma; 5 Westminster implanted: The Malaysian experience Deborah A. Johnson and Anthony Milner; 6 Westminster in Singapore: Now you see it, now you don't Garry Rodan; 7 Australia: The Westminster model as tradition R.A.W. Rhodes; 8 New Zealand's Westminster trajectory: Archetypal transplant to maverick outlier John Wanna; 9 Papua New Guinea's brand of Westminster: Democratic traditions overlaying Melanesian cultures Henry Okole; 10 Democracy in Fiji: Westminster or something else? Margaret Palmer; 11 Westminster in the Pacific Islands Peter Larmour; 12 The Westminster legacy: Conclusion Haig Patapan and John Wanna.


Haig Patapan is Senior Lecturer in School of Politics and Public Policy at Griffith University, Brisbane, and author of Judging Democracy: The New Politics of the High Court in Australia (CUP, 2000). John Wanna is the ANZSOG Foundation Professor for the Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration at the ANU, and was previously Professor of Politics at Griffith University in Brisbane. Wanna is well known as a media commentator on Australian political events and has written several textbooks on politics and public management in Australia. He co-edited the recent UNSW Press title, Yes, Premier. Professor Patrick Weller is Director of the Centre for Australian Public Sector Management at Griffith University and the author of many books, including the very successful trade title Don't Tell the Prime Minister (Scribe, 2003).

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