Weather Radar

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With their images practically ubiquitious in the daily media, weather radar systems provide data not only for understanding weather systems and improving forecasts (especially critical for severe weather), but also for hydrological applications, flood warnings and climate research in which ground verification is needed for global precipitation measurements by satellites. This book offers an accessible overview of advanced methods, applications and modern research from the European perspective. An extensive introductory chapter summarizes the principles of weather radars and discusses the potential of modern radar systems, including Doppler and polarisation techniques, data processing, and error-correction methods. Addressing both specialist researchers and nonspecialists from related areas, this book will also be useful for graduate students planning to specialize in this field


1 The State of Weather Radar Operations, Networks and Products.- 2 Operational Measurement of Precipitation in Mountainous Terrain.- 3 Operational Measurement of Precipitation in Cold Climates.- 4 Using Radar in Hydrometeorology.- 5 Improved Precipitation Rates and Data Quality by Using Polarimetric Measurements.- 6 Understanding Severe Weather Systems by Advanced Weather Radar Observations.- 7 Precipitation Measurements from Space.- 8 Radar Sensor Synergy for Cloud Studies; Case Study of Water Clouds.- 9 Assimilation of Radar Data in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Models.- Color Plates.



From the reviews:
"Meischner's book successfully merges meteorological and technological aspects of weather radar into a meaningful discourse of theory and application. Weather Radar is an assortment of important radar-related topics ... . This is a book for radar engineers and weather radar users ... interested in concepts of multispectral analysis or polarization or sensor combinations or severe weather systems ... . Sections of the book provide excellent discussions of flood forecasting and precipitation measurements in mountainous terrain or in cold climates." (Randy Steadham, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, November, 2005)
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