Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project

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Provides a comprehensive introduction to Benjamin's "Arcades Project" - one of the significant cultural documents of the Weimar Republic and Nazi era. This work explores a diverse range of issues such as the physiognomy of ruins, the dialectical image, and modernity and architecture.


Introduction: Physiognomy of a Fl& No. 226;neur: Walter Benjamin's Peregrinations in Search of the Dialetical Image, Beatrice Hanssen (University of Georgia); Et Cetera? The Historian as Chiffonier, Irving Wohlfarth (University of Reims); The Fl& No. 226;neur, the Sandwichman and the Whore: The Politics of Loitering, Susan Buck-Morss (Cornell University); Passage Work, Barbara Johnson (Harvard University); Ruin and Rubble in the Arcades, Esther Leslie (Birkbeck, University of London); Geheimmittel Advertising and Dialectical Images in Benjamin's Arcades Project, Max Pensky (Binghampton, SUNY). A Matter of Distance: Benjamin's One-Way Street through the Arcades, Gerhard Richter (UC Davis); 'The Colportage Phenomenon of Space' and the Place of Montage in the Arcades Project, Brigid Doherty (Princeton University); Walter Benjamin's Dream of 'Happiness', Elissa Marder (Emory University); The Dream of Reality in the Ruin, Stathis Gourgouris (UCLA); The Enticing and Threatening Face of Prehistory: Walter Benjamin and the Utopia of Glass, Detlef Mertins (University of Pennsylvania); Glass before its time, premature iron: Architecture, Temporality and dream in Benjamin's Arcades Project, Tyrus Miller (UC Santa Cruz); Remains to be Seen, Stanley Cavell (Harvard University).


Beatrice Hanssen is Professor of Germanic and Slavic Languages, University of Georgia, USA.
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