Vitamins and Hormones

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August 1994



Under the new editorial leadership of Dr Litwack, Vitamins and Hormones continues to publish cutting-edge reviews of interest to endocrinologists and biochemists. Others interested in the structure and function of biologically active molecules, such as hormones and vitamins, will increasingly turn to this continuing series for comprehensive reviews by leading contributors to this and related disciplines.


Molecular and cellular aspects of insulin-like growth factor action, H. Werner et al; heterologous expression of G protein-linked receptors in pituitary and fibroblast cell lines, P.R. Albert; receptors for the TGF-B ligands family, C.H. Bassing et al; biological actions of endothelin, K. Stephenson et al; cyclic ADP-ribose metabolism and calcium mobilizing function, H.C. Lee et al; a critical review of minimal vitamin B-6 requirements for growth in various species with a proposed method of calculation, S.P. Coburn.


Trained in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. Litwack worked on enzymology and the effects of hormones on enzyme systems. Then he was a Postdoctoral Fellow of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis at the Biochemical Institute of the Sorbonne in Paris. Dr. Litwack's first position was as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Rutgers University in 1954. Six years later, he joined the University of Pennsylvania as associate professor and four years later went to the Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, as full professor, eventually becoming Deputy Director of the Institute. In 1991, he accepted the Chair of Pharmacology at Thomas Jefferson University where he is also Deputy Director of the Jefferson Cancer Institute and Associate Director for Basic Science in the Jefferson Cancer Center. Dr. Litwack's work has been in the area of mechanisms of steroid receptor action involving especially the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors, immunophi.
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