Visual Analysis of Humans

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Understanding human activity from video is one of the central problems in the field of computer vision, driven by a wide variety of applications in communications, entertainment, security, commerce, and athletics. This unique text/reference provides a coherent and comprehensive overview of all aspects of video analysis of humans. Broad in coverage and accessible in style, the text presents original perspectives collected from preeminent researchers gathered from across the world. In addition to presenting state-of-the-art research, the book reviews the historical origins of the different existing methods, and predicts future trends and challenges. Topics and features: With a Foreword by Professor Larry Davis of the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, USAContains contributions from an international selection of leading authorities in the fieldIncludes an extensive glossaryDiscusses the problems associated with detecting and tracking people through camera networksExamines topics related to determining the time-varying 3D pose of a person from videoInvestigates the representation and recognition of human actionsReviews the most important applications of activity recognition, from biometrics and surveillance, to sports and driver assistanceWith its all-encompassing scope, this essential reference will be of great value not only to graduate students in computer vision, but also to all researchers and professionals interested in systems for the visual analysis of humans. Dr. Thomas B. Moeslund is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark. Dr. Adrian Hilton is Professor and Head of the Visual Media Research Group at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. Dr. Volker Krüger is an Associate Professor and Head of the Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Aalborg University. Dr. Leonid Sigal is a Research Scientist at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, PA USA.


Part I: Detection and Tracking
Is There Anybody Out There?Thomas B. Moeslund
Beyond the Static Camera: Issues and Trends in Active VisionMurad Al Haj, Carles Fernández, Zhanwu Xiong, Ivan Huerta, Jordi Gonzàlez and Xavier Roca
Figure-Ground Segmentation - Pixel-BasedAhmed Elgammal
Figure-Ground Segmentation - Object BasedBastian Leibe
Face DetectionRaghuraman Gopalan, William Robson Schwartz, Rama Chellappa, and Ankur Srivastava
Wide Area Tracking in Single and Multiple ViewsB. Song, R. J. Sethi and A. K. Roy-Chowdhury
Benchmark Datasets for Detection and TrackingAnna-Louise Ellis and James Ferryman
Part II: Pose Estimation
Articulated Pose Estimation and Tracking: IntroductionLeonid Sigal
Model-based Pose EstimationGerard Pons-Moll and Bodo Rosenhahn
Motion Models for People TrackingDavid J. Fleet
Part-based Models for Finding People and Estimating Their PoseDeva Ramanan
Feature-based Pose EstimationCristian Sminchisescu, Liefeng Bo, Catalin Ionescu and Atul Kanaujia
Benchmark Datasets for Pose Estimation and TrackingMykhaylo Andriluka, Leonid Sigal and Michael J. Black
Part III: Recognition
On Human ActionAaron Bobick and Volker Krüger
Motion Pattern Analysis for Modeling and Recognition of Complex Human ActivitiesNandita M. Nayak, Ricky J.Sethi, Bi Song, Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury
Action Recognition Using Topic ModelsXiaogang Wang
Learning Action PrimitivesDana Kulic, Danica Kragic and Volker Krüger
Contextual Action RecognitionHedvig Kjellström
Facial Expression AnalysisFernando De la Torre and Jeffrey F. Cohn
Benchmarking Datasets for Human Activity RecognitionHaowei Liu, Rogerio Feris and Ming-Ting Sun
Part IV: Applications
Applications for Visual Analysis of PeopleAdrian Hilton
Image and Video-based BiometricsVishal M. Patel, Jaishanker K. Pillai and Rama Chellappa
Security and SurveillanceShaogang Gong, Chen Change Loy and Tao Xiang
Predicting Pedestrian TrajectoriesStefano Pellegrini, Andreas Ess and Luc Van Gool
Human Computer InteractionDennis Lin and Vuong Le and Thomas Huang
Social Signal Processing: The Research AgendaMaja Pantic, Roderick Cowie, Francesca DErrico, Dirk Heylen, Marc Mehu, Catherine Pelachaud, Isabella Poggi, Marc Schroeder and Alessandro Vinciarelli
Sign Language RecognitionHelen Cooper, Brian Holt and Richard Bowden
Sports TV Applications of Computer VisionGraham Thomas
Multi-view 4D Reconstruction of Human Action for EntertainmentOliver Grau
Vision for Driver Assistance: Looking at People in a VehicleCuong Tran and Mohan Manubhai Trivedi


From the reviews: "This book is a collection of 30 scientific papers organized in four parts. The topics that are reviewed in this book are mainly people and face detection, pose estimation, tracking and activity recognition. The book covers a broad domain making the book appealing to not only graduate students in the computer vision field, but also scholars and researchers." (Norberto Goussies, IAPR Newsletter, Vol. 35 (3), July, 2013)
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