Victorian Women Poets

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The specially commissioned essays in Victorian Women Poets, written by scholars from Britain and North America, offer revisionary readings of canonical poets and bring into focus re-discovered writers. The volume both engages critically with the political and aesthetic agenda behind the project of recovery, and also presents a pioneering approach to reading poets who have slipped out of the canon. The work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti is re-assessed and given surprising and innovative literary, political and intellectual contexts that will change the way we interpret their poetry. Writers of emerging significance, such as Theodosia Garrow Trollope, Augusta Webster, Mathilde Blind, Michael Field and Margaret Veley, are given prominence in groundbreaking analysis that situates their writing within the wider debates of the period. The themes interwoven throughout the essays - literary history and canonicity, political poetics, nationhood, print culture, and genre - provide a radically new understanding of Victorian women's poetry that maps an agenda for future research.JOSEPH BRISTOW, SUSAN BROWN, GLENNIS BYRON, ALISON CHAPMAN, NATALIE M. HOUSTON, MICHELE MARTINEZ, PATRICIA PULHAM, MARJORIE STONE. ALISON CHAPMAN lectures in English literature at the University of Glasgow.


Should interest all scholars of Victorian poetry. The essays are complex yet clearly written, enhancing their usefulness to students as well as scholars. PRE-RAPHAELITE STUDIESThe standout essays engage most intensely with questions of poetic tradition and literary history. Recommended. CHOICEBR>The excellent essays in this collection explore the ways in which writers participated in and shaped the literary marketplace, engaged with transatlantic and transnational literature and politics, and argued fiercely for social justice. This book distinguishes itself from its predecessors by stressing the breadth of contexts for these poets' work. VICTORIAN STUDIES
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