Vibronic Interactions: Jahn-Teller Effect in Crystals and Molecules

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Oktober 2001



This book is based mostly on the reports presented at the XVth International lahn-Teller Symposium on Vibronic Interactions in Crystals and Molecules and NATO Advanced Research Workshop Colossal Magnetoresistance and Vibronic Interactions that took place at Boston on August 16-22 of the year 2000. This is the first time the Symposium took place in the USA where recently the giant splash of the attention to the 1 ahn-Teller effect occurred. This tremendous interest to the field all over the world is reflected not only in the numerous publications in many American and European 10urnals, but of the leading scientists from additionally in the Symposium's participation the well known Universities, National Laboratories and industrial companies, which was the largest in the history of the Symposium. The renaissance of the 1ahn-Teller physics is closely related to the three fundamental discoveries in science. The most significant among them is the discovery of high-Tc superconductivity by K. -A. Muller and G. Bednorz, for whom the "1ahn-Teller idea" was the motivation in their search. The result of this search is well known - a wide spectrum of the 1ahn-Teller ion based materials with Tc between 24K and 135K were found. The second discovery is the existence of a new polymorph of carbon - the C60. The microscopic analysis of all physical, chemical and biological properties of the buckyballs is based on 1ahn-Teller type of interactions. The third is colossal magnetoresistance.


Preface. Professor Edward Teller's Address to the Meeting Participants; E. Teller. The Jahn-Teller Effect: A permanent presence in the frontiers of science; R. Englman, A. Yahalom. Orbital Ordering and Vibronic States in Manganese Perovskites; J.-S. Zhou, J.B. Goodenough. Sum Rules for Jahn-Teller Reduction Factors; C.A. Bates, et al. Chemistry of Vibronic Coupling; W. Grochala, R. Hoffmann. Field-Induced Crossover and Colossal Magnetoresistance in La0.7Pb0.3MnO3; C.W. Chu, et al. Jahn-Teller Effect and Doping in Manganites; M. Dzero, et al. Degenerate and Nondegenerate States in Jahn-Teller Problems; I.B. Bersuker. DFT Calculations of the `Lone-Pair' Effect - A Tool for the Chemist to Predict Molecular Distortions? D. Reinen, M. Atanasov. The {ExE}xe Vibronic Coupling Case: A Prototypal Product Jahn-Teller System; Q.C. Qiu, A. Ceulemans. Exchange Variation of Zero-Field Splitting in Polynuclear Clusters with High-Spin Ground State; M.J. Belinsky. Double Exchange in Orbitally Degenerate Mixed Valence Clusters: Magnetic Anisotropy, Vibronic Effects; J.J. Borras-Almenar, et al. Singlet Pairing Amongst Degenerate Electronic States: `Softening Bipolarons'; D. Emin. Giant Negative Magnetoresistance and Strong Electron-Lattice Coupling in Amorphous Semiconductors with Magnetic Impurities; A.M. Bratkovsky. Jahn-Teller Effect in Transition Metal Oxides; D. Louca. Magnetoelastic Properties of Jahn-Teller Crystals with Colossal Magnetoresistance; M.D. Kaplan, et al. Vibronic Effects in Spectroscopy of Heme Proteins; S.S. Stavrov. Jahn-Teller Clusters in Dielectrics and Cuprates; Y.V. Yablokov, et al. Miscibility in Jahn-Teller Systems; A.Ya. Fishman, et al. Jahn-Teller Levels of Defects in AIV£/XX£VISemiconductors Doped by High Dose Ion Implantation; Z. Dashevsky, I. Chaikovsky. The Dynamic Jahn-Teller Effect in High-Tc Superconductors and Water Buckyballs; K. Johnson. X-ray Scattering Studies of Correlated Plarons in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3; C.S. Nelson, et al. Dopand Induced Enhancement of the Jahn-Teller Effect in Perovskite Cuprates; V. Polinger, et al. EPR Study of Cu2+ Doped (CnH2n+1NH3)2CdC14 Crystals (n=1;3) with Layer Structure; R. Valiente, et al. Nondegenerate Ground Vibronic States in the Linear Tx(e+t2) Jahn-Teller-Problem; G. Bevilacqua, et al. Vibronic Model of Double Triangular Mixed-Valence Clusters with Spin Frustration Effects; V.E. Fainzilberg. Jahn-Teller Effect in Corannulene Anion; T. Sato, et al. Franck-Condon Approximation for Second Order Reduction Factors: Application to Vibronic Reduction in Fullerenes; M. Abou-Ghantous, et al. Symmetries of Jahn-Teller States in Charged Fullerenes; C.-L. Wang, et al. Quantum-Chemical Approach to Zero-Dimensional Anti-Ferroelectrics and Quantum Paraelectrics of the K3H(SO4)2 Family; S.P. Dolin, et al. Influence of Jahn-Teller Ions on Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Ferrimagnets; G.F. Dionne. Berryonic Matter in the Cuprates; R.S. Markiewicz. Microscopic Mechanism of Stripe Pairing Phase Formation; M.D. Kaplan, G.A. Zimmerman. Vibronic Coupling in Fullerene Systems: An Analysis of Theoretical and Experimental Studies; I.D. Hands, et al. EPR and x-ray Studies of the Vibronic Effects in Cs2Cu(ZrP6)2 6(H2O) Crystal; M.A. Augustnyniak-Jablokow, et al. The Dynamics of the Jahn-Teller Oxides; V.Z. Chernishov, et al. Molecular Mech


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