Venture Capital

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Venture Capital. A Euro-System Approach covers a wide spectrum of topics: it investigates the way venture capital really works, the relations between venture capital, corporate banking and stock exchanges, market trends in Europe and the US, legal issues related to the creation of venture capital firms and closed end funds, and finally regulatory and economic policy issues. The book is based on a strong link between a rigorous methodological approach and real world best practices of venture capitalists - thanks to a team of contributors formed by both academics and professionals of different fields (venture capitalists, financial analysts, regulators, stock exchange executives).


1 How Does a Venture Capitalist Work and Why is Venture Capital Necessary in Modern Economies?.
1 An Introduction to the Investment in New Ventures.
2 A Broad Vision of the Investment Process in Venture Capital.
3 Funding Processes.
4 The Valuation of the Target Company.
5 Specialties in Managing Closed-End Funds.
6 How Does a Venture Capital Work: Case 1 - Pino Ventures.
7 How Does a Venture Capital Work: Case 2 - Intervaluenet.
2 Venture Capital in the Financial System, Market Trends in Europe and the Relations with Banks and Stock Exchanges.
1 The Special Role of the Venture Capital Industry.
2 Competitive Models of Corporate Banking and Venture Capital.
3 Opportunities in the Quotation of Private Equity Companies.
4 The Venture Capital Industry in Europe: Trends and Figures.
3 Venture Capital in Italy: Regulatory and Legal Issues.
1 Regulations and Supervision: The Role of Central Bank.
2 The Constitution of a Venture Capital Company.
3 Legal Issues for Italian Venture Capital Investment Schemes.
List of Contributors.


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