Urological Emergencies

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Urological Emergencies: A Practical Approach, Second Edition provides a concise, evidence based review of common urgent and emergent urological conditions in children and adults. Descriptions of the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic considerations on topics of traumatic, infectious, obstructive, hemorrhagic, iatrogenic, vascular and congenital urological emergencies in adults and children are provided. The text is organized by pathophysiology rather than organ system, allowing the reader to develop approaches to the care of patients with acute urological conditions based on mechanism of disease. Relevant pathophysiological background and epidemiology are reviewed, necessary diagnostic testing recommended, and detailed medical, surgical and endourological management approaches have been provided. All chapters incorporate published guidelines and best practice recommendations from appropriate organizations including the American Urological Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and various International Consultations on Urological Diseases. New or significantly revised chapters in each of the subsections address innovations in trauma care and prevention, new strategies in management of kidney stones, and special care needs of children with acute urological problems.Urological Emergencies: A Practical Approach, Second Edition is of great value to practicing urologists, urology residents, emergency medicine trainees and practitioners, and primary care providers including MD's, PA's, and NP's without immediate access to urological consultation.


Part I
Urogenital TraumaChapter 1. The Science of Shock and Fluid Resuscitation
Eileen M. BulgerChapter 2.  Injur y Prevention
Thomas G. Smith IIIChapter 3. The Current Management of Renal Injuries
Bryan VoelzkeChapter 4. Traumatic Ureteral Injuries
Joshua A. Broghammer and James M. HotalingChapter 5. Bladder Trauma
Lawrence L. Yeung  and  Steven B. Brandes Chapter 6. Urethral Trauma
Daniel Dugi III and Allen F. MoreyChapter 7. Trauma to the External Genitalia
Alex J. VanniPart II
InfectionChapter 8. Infection of the Upper Urinary Tract
Maxwell V. MengChapter 9. Genital and Infectious Emergencies: Prostatitis, Urethritis, and Epididymo-orchitis
Hunter WessellsChapter 10.  Penile Prosthesis Infection
Natalya A. Lopushnyan and Thomas J. Walsh Chapter 11. Fournier's Gangrene
Mathew D. Sorensen and Hunter WessellsPart III
Vascular and Hemorrhagic EmergenciesChapter 12. Renal Artery Embolism and Renal Vein Thrombosis
Jason R. Woo,  Edward J. Yun, and Christopher J. KaneChapter 13. Retroperitoneal and Upper Tract Hemorrhage
Frank N. Burks and Richard A. SantucciChapter 14. Hemorrhagic Cystitis
Dan J. Lewinshtein, Kian Tai Chong, and John M. Corman Chapter 15. Priapism
Kevin O'Brien, Martin Gross, and Ricardo MunarrizChapter 16. The Acute Scrotum
Chad M. Gridley and Hiep T. NguyenPart IV
Acute Urinary Tract ObstructionChapter 17. Renal Colic: Diagnosis and Management
Joe Miller and Marshall L. StollerChapter 18. Nonurolithic Causes of Upper Urinary Tract Obstruction
Roger K. LowChapter 19. Urgent and Emergent Management of Acute Urinary Retention
Cheryl Shih and Claire C. YangPart V
Iatrogenic ComplicationsChapter 20. Vesicovaginal Fistula and Ureteral Injury During Pelvic Surgery
Craig Comiter and Christopher S. ElliottChapter 21. Management of the Ureter During Pelvic Surgery
Noel A. Armenakas
Part VI Pediatric Urological EmergenciesChapter 22. The Exstrophy-Epispadias Complex
Richard W. GradyChapter 23. Disorders of Sex Development
Patricia Y. Fechner and Margarett ShnorhavorianChapter 24. Posterior Urethral Valves
Hiep T. Nguyen, Daniel Avery, and Byron JoynerChapter 25. Spina Bifida
Thomas S. Lendvay and Ruthie Su



Hunter Wessells, MD, FACSUniversity of Washington School of Medicine and Harborview Medical Center, Department of Urology, Seattle, WA, USA


From the reviews of the second edition:
"Clearly aimed at practitioners and residents in urology, it will also be useful to acute care practitioners working in emergency facilities. A renowned set of contributors provide detailed reviews of all major urologic emergencies with practical approaches to the evaluation as well as their medical and surgical management. … This book complements clinical guidelines in an authoritative, practical, and comprehensive manner and should be kept readily accessible by practitioners who may be faced with diagnosing and treating patients with urological emergencies." (Patrick Shenot, Doody’s Book Reviews, October, 2013)
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