Urologic Robotic Surgery

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April 2008



The introduction of robotic technology into modern day operating theatres has changed the way that surgery will be preformed. The last five years have shown a paradigm shift toward the adoption of robotic surgical techniques. This comprehensive book for the practicing urologist will be an invaluable addition to every urologist's library. The book serves as a much needed educational guide to understanding the scope of robotic procedures performed.


Section I - Historical Perspective

History of Robotic Surgery

Jeffrey Stock, MD, Director, Pediatric Urology, Children's Hospital of New Jersey, Ilya Volfson, MD, Chief Resident, Department of Urology, University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ

Section II - Setup and Access

Operating Room Setup, Patient and Instrument Preparation

Laura Wisse, RN, Hackensack University Medical Center

Port Placement and Exit

Rahuldev S. Bhalla, MD, Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Division of Urology, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ

Section III -Robotic Laparoscopic Procedures

Three arm laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Vipul Patel, MD, Director Center for Robotic Surgery, Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Four Arm Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Intra-peritoneal approach

Extra-peritoneal approach

Michael Esposito,MD, Vincent Lanteri, MD

Robotic Radical Cystectomy

Tim Wilson, MD. Department of Urologic Oncology, City of Hope, National Medical Center, Jay Yew, MD, Division of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery, Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, CA

Robotic Laparoscpic Renal Surgery

Jay Yew, MD, Division of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery, Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, CA

8. Robotic Donor Nephrectomy
Santigo Horgan, MD, Director Minimally Invasive Surgery,
University of Illinois, Chicago

9. Robotic Pyeloplasty
Jeffrey A. Stock, MD, Michael Esposito, MD

Ureteral reflux surgery

Joseph G. Borer, MD, Craig Peters,MD. Boston Children'sHospital

11. Orchiopexy
Bartley Cilento, MD, David Diamond, MD, Boston Children's Hospital
Section IV

12. Robotic Suturing
Scott J. Belsley, MD, Garth Ballenytne, M.D., Section of Minimally Invasive and Telerobotic Surgery, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack , NJ


Ayal M. Kaynan, MD

14. Complications of Robotic Surgery
Caner Z. Dinlenc, MD, Attending, Department of
Urology,Beth Israel Medical Center, NY, NY;
Physician-in-Charge, Division of Endourology and Stone
Disease, Beth Israel Medical Center, NY,
Joseph R. Wagner

15. Training and credentialing
Michael Esposito, MD

Anesthetic Considerations for Laparoscopic Procedures in Urology

Leslie M. Leaf MD, Daniel C. Leaf MD, Robert Dorian MD, Mark Hausdorff, M.D.,Department of Anesthesia, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ


From the reviews:
"This book is a timely overview of an exciting and evolving sub-specialty within urology. ... The text begins with a historical perspective and moves on to operating room setup and port placement which a novice team will find very useful. ... Urologic Robotic Surgery has already found a place in our departmental library. Urologists at all stages of their career will find it easy to read. In addition theatre nurses, medical students, trainees, and even interested patients would find it informative." (Prokar Dasgupta, Industrial Robot Journal, March, 2008)
"This textbook of urologic robotic surgery covers nine procedures in its 16 chapters ... . a valuable educational guide for novice robotic surgeons interested in performing a new procedure. The book also provides a quick review for expert laparoscopic/robotic surgeons performing uncommon robotic procedures. ... Chapters ... are educational, clearly written with attention to detail, and include original references to the medical literature. ... a good resource for readers interested in learning the basics of robotic surgery along with step-by-step techniques for robotic procedures." (Gaurav Bandi, Doody's Review Service, September, 2008)
"The editors of Urologic Robotic Surgery have organized their text into 4 distinct sections covering history, operative setup, robotic procedures, and other miscellaneous considerations. ... recommended as excellent introductory texts for readers interested in the rapidly expanding field of robotic surgery in urology. The general urologist seeking a broad overview of robotics and its application across a variety of genitourinary processes, both adult and pediatric, will likely find Urologic Robotic Surgery ... to be an outstanding first-line resource." (Philip H. Kim and Chester J. Koh, Journal of the American Medical Association, February, 2009)
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