Urban Hacking

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Oktober 2010



Urban spaces became battlefields, signifiers have been invaded, new structures have been established: Netculture replaced counterculture in most parts and also focused on the everchanging environments of the modern city. Important questions have been brought up to date and reasked, taking current positions and discourses into account. The major question still remains, namely how to create culturally based resistance under the influence of capitalistic pressure and conservative politics. This collection of essays and contributions attempts to address this question and its implications for different scientific and artistic fields.


Günther Friesinger lives in Vienna and Graz as a philosopher, artist, writer, curator and producer. He is Head of the paraflows Festival, CEO of monochrom, co-organiser of the Arse Elektronika Festival and the Roboexotica Festival.Johannes Grenzfurthner is an artist, writer, curator, and director. He is the founder of monochrom. He teaches art theory and aesthetical practice at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria.Thomas Ballhausen studied Comparative Literature and German at the University of Vienna. He is a lecturer at the University of Vienna and head of the Studies-Department of the Austrian Film Archive.
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Untertitel: Cultural Jamming Strategies in the Risky Spaces of Modernity. 'Urban Studies'. Empfohlen ab 22 Jahre. zahlreiche Abbildungen. Sprache: Englisch.
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