Urban Africa

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This volume is a study of the dynamics of human survival in African cities today.


1. Introduction: Urban Processes and Change - AbdouMaliq Simone PART I: MAKING URBAN POLITICS 2. Urban Policies in Cairo: From Speeches on New Cities to the Adjustment Practices of Ordinary City Dwellers - Benedicte Florin 3. Feasts: Panoramas in Town: The Spaces and Times of the Moulids of Cairo - Anna Madoeuf 4. Kisangani: A city at its Lowest Ebb - Jean Omasombo 5. The City Centre: A Shifting Concept in the History of Addis Ababa - Bahru Zewde 6. At the Limits of Possibility: Working Notes on a Relational Model of Urban Politics - Edgar Pieterse PART 2: URBAN PRACTICES 7. Life in a High Density Urban Area: Anguwar Mai Gwado in Zaria - Mohammed-Bello Yunusa 8. Ethnicity and the Dynamics of City Politics: The Case of Jos - Victor A. O. Adetula 9. Urban Development and Urban Informalities: Pikine, Senegal - Mohamadou Abdoul 10. Formal and Decentralized Financing of Housing: Operation 200,000 Houses, Marrakesh - Mohamed Gheris


AbdouMaliq Simone holds joint academic appointments at New School University and the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Witwatersrand. Professor Abouhani Abdelghani teaches at the Institut National d'Amenagement et d'urbanism in Rabat, Morocco. He has published extensively in French. The book is co-published with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)
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