Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory

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September 1985



Universal terms for pseudo-complemented distributive lattices and Heyting algebras.
Clones of operations on relations.
Separation conditions on convexity lattices.
Some independence results in the co-ordinization of arguesian lattices.
Unary operations on completely distributive complete lattices.
Connected components of the covering relation in free lattices.
Varieties with linear subalgebra geometries.
Generalized commutativity.
The word and isomorphism problems in universal algebra.
Linear lattice proof theory: An overview.
Interpolation antichains in lattices.
Subdirectly irreducible and simple boolean algebras with endomorphisms.
A note on varieties of graph algebras.
How to construct finite algebras which are not finitely based.
Finite integral relation algebras.
Some varieties of semidistributive lattices.
Homomorphisms of partial and of complete steiner triple systems and quasigroups.
Principal congruence formulas in arithmetical varieties.
From affine to projective geometry via convexity.
More conditions equivalent to congruence modularity.
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