Understanding Practice

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Brings together the many different perspectives that have been applied to examining social context.


Series foreword; List of contributors; Part I. Introduction: 1. The practice of learning Jean Lave; Part II. Learning Craftwork: 2. Learning to navigate Edwin Hutchins; 3. Developmental studies of work as a testbench of activity theory: the case of primary care medical practice Yrjo Engestrom; 4. Re-searching psychotherapeutic practice Ole Dreier; 5. Thinking and acting with iron Charles Keller and Janet Dixon Keller; 6. Artificial intelligence as craftwork Lucy A. Suchman and Randall H. Trigg; 7. Behavior setting analysis of situated learning: the case of newcomers Urs Fuhrer; Part III. Learning as Social Production: 8. Examinations reexamined: certification of students or certification of knowledge? Steinar Kvale; 9. Beneath the skin and between the ears: a case study in the politics of representation Hugh Mehan; 10. The acquisition of a child by a learning disability R. P. McDermott; 11. Context and scaffolding in developmental studies of mother-child problem-solving dyads Harold G. Levine; 12. Solving everyday problems in the formal setting: an empirical study of the school as context for thought Roger Saljo and Jan Wynham; 13. Teacher's directives: the social construction of 'literal meanings' and 'real worlds' in classroom discourse Norris Minick; Part IV. Conclusion; 14. Understanding the social scientific practice of Understanding practice Seth Chaiklin; Index.


'Understanding Practice is an important contribution to the direction of the field. It has a cohesive theme that is timely in the direction of several disciplines, including psychology, anthropology and education.' Barbara Rogoff
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