Understanding Learning at Work

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Work now invariably requires a continual focus on learning: to improve productivity, to enhance the flexibility of employees and to develop and transform organizations. This volume brings together leading experts from the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand to critically evaluate the current debates on workplace learning and to propose directions for future developments in both research and practice. Topics covered include:
* expectations of learning at work into the twenty-first century
* learning theories, practice and performance implications
* the relationship between workplace learning and other forms of lifelong learning
* the international developments in competency-based approaches to learning and assessment
* the influence of language, power, culture and gender upon the 'construction' of learning.
Topical and informative, this volume will be an invaluable resource for students and researchers of training, HRD, continuing and adult education.


1. Understandings of workplace learning David Boud & John Garrick Section One: Context 2. The changing contexts of work Catherine Casey 3. Learning to work and working to learn Ronald Barnett Section Two: Perspectives 4. New dimensions in the dynamics of learning and knowledge Judy Matthews & Phillip Candy 5. Finding a good theory of workplace learning Paul Hager 6. Past the guru and up the garden path: The new organic management learning David Beckett 7. Gender workers and gendered workplaces: Implications for learning Belinda Probert Section Three: Issues in Practice 8. Culture and difference in workplace learning Nicky Solomon 9. Technologising equity: The politics and practices of work-related learning Elaine Butler 10. Guided learning at work Stephen Billet 11. Is learning transferable Mark Tennant 12. Competency-based learning: a dubious past-an assured future? Andrew Gonczi Section Four: Futures 13. Envisioning new organisations for learning Victoria J. Marsick & Karen E. Watkins 14. Future learning, future work and the new production of knowledge John Garrick Index


..."of interest to researchers who wish to locate their own work in a broader perspective of economic and social change."
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