Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1

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September 2004



The Definitive Reference for Obstetric Ultrasound


The most comprehensive work on obstetric ultrasound available, with over 1500 superb illustrations (700 in color)
Textbook and atlas in one
Combined with the gynecologic volume, provides an archive of information and images that leaves no question unanswered

Screening, biometry and organ biometry, detailed and systematic diagnosis of fetal anomalies, multiple pregnancies, abnormal pregnancies
Transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound, Doppler and color Doppler scanning, 3D ultrasound, ultrasound-guided invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

The ideal reference work for sonographic findings in frequent and rare malformations and syndromes
Actual specimens shown next to ultrasound images for comparison.


Ultrasound in Obstetrics 1 Ultrasound Applications and Examination Techniques in Obstetrics Minimum Equipment Requirements Transvaginal Sonography Abdominal Sonography 2 Ultrasound Screening Prenatal Care Ultrasound Screening Targeted Imaging in High-Risk Pregnancies 3 Normal Early Pregnancy (First Trimester) Pregnancy Dating Technique of Transvaginal Sonography Ultrasound Embryology 4 Transvaginal Biometry and Gestational Age Assignment in the First Trimester Biometry Gestational Age Assignment 5 Abnormalities of Early Pregnancy Diagnostic Approach Spontaneous Abortion Pregnancy with an IUD in Place Molar Pregnancy and Choriocarcinoma Ectopic Pregnancy 6 Transvaginal Detection of Fetal Anomalies Detection of Fetal Anomalies in the First Trimester Detection of Fetal Anomalies in the Second and Third Trimesters 7 Transvaginal Sonography of Maternal Disorders Transvaginal Diagnosis of Uterine and Adnexal Masses in Pregnancy Cervical Incompetence Placental Localization in Placenta previa Evaluating the Postpartum Uterus 8 Pelvimetry with Transvaginal Ultrasound Cephalopelvic Disproportion Radiographic Pelvimetry Sonographic Pelvimetry Abdominal Sonography 9 Normal Early Pregnancy, Biometry, and Gestational Age Assignment in the First Trimester Basic Principles of Embryology Pregnancy Detection by Abdominal Sonography Development in the First Trimester Biometry and Gestational Age Assignment in the First Trimester Summary of Key Parameters 10 Abnormalities in the First Trimester Spontaneous Abortion Early Pregnancy with an IUD in Place Molar Pregnancy Choriocarcinoma Ectopic Pregnancy Early Detection of Fetal Anomalies in the First Trimester Adnexal Masses and Uterine Fibroids in Early Pregnancy 11 Normal Sononatomy of the Fetus in the Second and Third Trimesters Head Spinal Column Neck Region Thorax Circulatory System (Fetal Circulation) Heart Abdomen Urinary Tract, Adrenal Glands, and Pelvis Genitalia Limbs 12 Fetal Biometry in the Second and Third Trimesters Prerequisites Basic Biometry Extended Biometry (Organ Biometry) 13 Gestational Age Assignment in the Second and Third Trimesters Importance of Gestational Age Assignment Charts for Gestational Age Assignment 14 Fetal Weight Estimation Importance of Fetal Weight Estimation Growth Charts and Definitions Sonographic Estimation of Fetal Weight 15 Fetal Behavior Modes and States of Fetal Behavior Clinical Applications Fetal Neurology Summary 16 Fetal Growth Disturbances in the Second and Third Trimesters Errors in Dates Growth Retardation Macrosomal Growth, Macrocephaly 17 Immune Hydrops Due to Rh Incompatibility Occurrence, Pathogenesis, and Sonographic Features Diagnosis Prognosis and Treatment 18 Nonimmune Hydrops Occurrence, Pathogenesis, and Sonographic Features Diagnosis Prognosis and Treatment Fetal Ascites 19 Intrauterine Fetal Death Sonographic Detection Intrauterine Fetal Death in Multiple Pregnancy Obstetric Management and Subsequent Pregnancy Sonography of Fetal Anomalies 20 General Detection of Fetal Anomalies Basic Principles General Sonographic Detection of Fetal Anomalies Implications of a Detected Fetal Anomaly or Signs Suggesting an Anomaly Patient Information Before and After Prenatal Diagnosis 21 Anomalies of the Head Neural Tube Defects CNS Anomalies Facial Anomalies 22 Anomalies of the Neck Neoplasms Functional Impairment Conclusion 23 Spina bifida Occurrence, Pathogenesis, and Sonographic Features Sonographic Forms Diagnosis Prognosis and Prenatal Management 24 Thoracic Anomalies 25 Anomalies and Diseases of the Fetal Heart Epidemiology and Indications for Fetal Echocardiography Prognosis of Cardiac Anomalies From Symptom to Diagnosis Specific Cardiac Anomalies and Diseases Fetal Arrhythmias 26 Anomalies of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Anterior Abdominal Wall Atresias Meconium-Related Diseases Visceral Transposition Anterior Abdominal Wall Defects Sonographic Abnormalities of the Liver, Gallbladder, and Spleen 27 Anomalies and Diseases of the Kidneys and Urinary Tract Embryology of the Kidneys Incidence of Anomalies and Associated Anomalies Sonographic Features Diseases of the Kidneys 28 Genital Anomalies Genital Anomalies in the Male Fetus Hermaphroditism Genital Anomalies in the Female Fetus 29 Sacrococcygeal Teratoma 30 Anomalies of the Extremities Osteochondrodysplasias (Skeletal Dysplasias) Limb Defects 31 Disorders and Anomalies of the Skin Cutaneous Edema Cutaneous Tumors Echogenic Focal Skin Abnormalities Bullous Skin Abnormalities Hyperkeratotic Skin Disorders 32 General and Specific Sonographic Signs of Fetal Chromosome Abnormalities General Sonographic Signs of Chromosome Abnormalities Specific Sonographic Signs of Chromosome Abnormalities Phenotypic Expression of Frequent Chromosome Abnormalities 33 Sonographic Features of Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy The Most Common Infectious Diseases Differential Diagnosis of the Most Common Sonographic Features of Infectious Diseases Sonography of the Placenta, Umbilical Cord, and Amniotic Fluid 34 Placenta Normal Placenta Placental Abnormalities 35 Umbilical Cord Normal Umbilical Cord Abnormalities of the Umbilical Cord 36 Amniotic Fluid Physiology and Pathophysiology Sonographic Assessment of Amniotic Fluid Volume Sonography of Multiple Pregnancy 37 Multiple Pregnancies Special Features of Multiple Pregnancies Sonography of Multiple Pregnancy in the First Trimester Sonography of Multiple Pregnancy in the Second and Third Trimesters Management of Multiple Pregnancies Maternal Sonography 38 Diagnosis of Maternal Disorders by Abdominal Sonography Cervical Insufficiency Uterine Myomas during Pregnancy Pain during Pregnancy Sonographic Diagnosis of Symphyseal Distension during Pregnancy 39 Abdominal Sonography in the Puerperium Uterine Involution Complications in the Puerperium Follow-Up of Cesarean Section Pelvic Floor Injuries Doppler Sonography 40 Basic Principles of Doppler Sonography Historical Development Basic Concepts Doppler Techniques Equipment-related Effects on the Doppler Spectrum Effects of Examination Technique on the Doppler Spectrum Newer Methods of Color Imaging 41 Hemodynamic Evaluation of Early Pregnancy Normal Early Pregnancy Early Pregnancy Loss 42 The Uteroplacental Circulation Development of the Uteroplacental Vascular System Doppler Sonography of the Uteroplacental Vessels Clinical Significance of Uterine Doppler Sonography 43 The Fetal Circulation Aspects of Fetal Physiology Doppler Sonography of the Arterial System Doppler Sonography of the Venous System Indictions for Doppler Sonography 44 Perinatal Abnormalities and Fetal Outcome Associated with Very Abnormal Doppler Flow Readings in the Umbilical Artery and Fetal Aorta High-Risk Pregnancies End-Diastolic Block (EDB) and Reserve Flow (RF) Pathoanatomic Changes and Technical Aspects Clinical Results of EDB and RF in the Umbilical Artery and/or Fetal Aorta Summary Three-Dimensional Sonography 45 3-D Sonography in Prenatal Diagnosis Capabilities of 3-D Sonography Technique of Transvaginal and Abdominal 3-D Sonography Problems with 3-D Sonography Critical Appraisal and Outlook Invasive Diagnosis and Treatment in Pregnancy 46 Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis Amniocentesis Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Placentocentesis Cordocentesis Fetal Aspiration and Biopsy Fetoscopy Amnioinfusion 47 Fetal Therapy and Treatment of Abnormal Amniotic Fluid Volume Fetal Therapy Treatment of Abnormal Amniotic Fluid Volume Safety, Genetic, Legal, and Ethical Aspects of Sonographic Prenatal Diagnosis 48 Safety Aspects of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Pregnancy Development Risk Assessment for Various Examination Techniques Safety Indicators Conclusions and Recommendations 49 Genetic Counseling Goals of Genetic Counseling Explaining Various Disorders Conclusions 50 [Omit] 51 [Omit] 52 Ethical Issues in Obstetric Ultrasound Value System Principles Prenatal Diagnosis Prenatal Treatment, Experimental Procedures Appendix 53 Biometric Charts and Tables E. 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