Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism

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This book examines the geological aspects of the ultrahigh pressure minerals - diamond and coesite - in the Earth's crust.


1. Overview of the geology and tectonics of UHPM; 2. Experimental and petrogenetic study of UHPM; 3. Principal mineralogical indicators of ultrahigh pressure in crustal rocks; 4. Structures in ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks: a case study from the Alps; 5. Creation, preservation, and exhumation of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks; 6. The role of serpentinite melanges in the unroofing of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks: An example from the Western Alps of Italy; 7. Ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks in Western Alps; 8. High and ultrahigh pressure eclogites and garnet peridotites in the Scandinavian Caledonides; 9. Microcoesites and microdiamonds in Norway: a brief review; 10. Ultrahigh pressure metamorphic terrane in Eastern Central China; 11. A model for the tectonic history of the high and ultrahigh pressure metamorphic region in East Central China; 12. Diamond-bearing metamorphic rocks of the Kokchetav Massif; 13. Orogenic ultramafic rocks of ultrahigh pressure (diamond facies) origin.


"Fascinating...I highly recommend this volume. All geologists and geophysicists who ponder the metamorphism and kinematics of collisional origins should have access to a copy." Kenneth L. Currie, The Canadian Mineralogist
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