Twenty-First Century Populism: The Spectre of Western European Democracy

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Dezember 2007



Twenty-First Century Populism analyses the phenomenon of sustained populist growth in Western Europe by looking at the conditions facilitating populism in specific national contexts and then examining populist fortunes in those countries. The chapters are written by country experts and political scientists from across the continent.


Introduction: The Sceptre and the Spectre;
D.Albertazzi &
D.McDonnell PART I Populism and Democracy;
G.Pasquino Politics against Democracy: Party Withdrawal and Populist Breakthrough;
A.Mastropaolo Populism and the Media;
G.Mazzoleni PART II Austria: The Structure and Agency of Austrian Populism;
R.Heinisch Italy: A Country of Many Populisms;
M.Tarchi Switzerland: Yet another Populist Paradise;
D.Albertazzi Germany: Right-wing Populist Failures and Left-wing Successes;
F.Decker Sweden: The Scandinavian Exception;
J.Rydgren The Netherlands: Populism versus Pillarization;
P.Lucardie France: The Front National, Ethnonationalism and Populism;
J.Rydgren Britain: Imperial Legacies, Institutional Constraints and New Political Opportunities;
S.Fella The Republic of Ireland: The Dog That Hasn't Barked in the Night?;
D.McDonnell Conclusions: Populism and Twenty-first Century Western European Democracy;
D.Albertazzi &


FRANK DECKER Professor of Political Science, University of Bonn, Germany
STEFANO FELLA Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UK
REINHARD HEINISCH Professor of Political Science and Director of International Studies, University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown, USA
PAUL LUCARDIE Research Fellow, Documentation Center on Dutch Political Parties, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
ALFIO MASTROPAOLO Professor of Political Science and Head of the Department of Political Studies, University of Turin, Italy
GIANPIETRO MAZZOLENI Professor of Political Communication, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Milan, Italy
GIANFRANCO PASQUINO Professor of Political Science, University of Bologna, Italy
JENS RYDGREN Associate Professor of Sociology, Stockholm University, Sweden
MARCO TARCHI Professor of Political Science and Political Theory, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Florence, Italy


'It is not always the case that the most recent book is a better book. But this is surely the case with this work. For a long time we have spoken of demagogy, now we speak more and more of populism. Are these different labels for the same thing? While this issue still needs to be probed, Albertazzi and McDonnell have assembled a well organized and surely outstanding analysis of a truly topical matter.' - Giovanni Sartori, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University in the City of New York, USA
'Twenty-First Century Populism is a highly impressive assessment of the state and character of contemporary European populism. Comprehensive and insightful, it combines valuable conceptual interpretations with a close analysis of different national experiences. This is essential reading for students of political parties and political culture in Europe today.' - Peter Mair, Professor of Comparative Politics, European University Institute, Italy
'This extraordinary and timely book shows us how modern democracy throughout Europe is threatened and corrupted by modern populists. The analysis is brilliant, profound and deeply worrying.' - Sir Bernard Crick, Emeritus Professor of Birkbeck College, University of London, UK
'For academics, journalists or students of democratic politics, populism is a puzzle which defies the traditional boundaries of political mobilization, party structures and programmes, values and policies. The very concept of democracy is challenged by the various forms of populism. The great merit of Albertazzi and McDonnell's book is that it sheds further light on and helps to better understand this puzzle. It is a cornerstone in the construction of the phenomenology and theory of populism.' - Yves Mény, President of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy

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