Twentieth-Century French Poetry: A Critical Anthology

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A selection of modern French poems with critical commentary, glossary of literary terms, biographies and bibliography.


Foreword: 'Ending the mission, inaugurating the pact' Yves Bonnefoy; Preface; Acknowledgments; General introduction Hugues Azerad; Part I. Traditions and Modernisms: 1. Paul Valery, 'Le Cantique des colonnes' (1922) Peter Collier; 2. Victor Segalen, 'Aux dix mille annees' (1912) Charles Forsdick; 3. Guillaume Apollinaire, 'Lettre-Ocean' (1916) Timothy Mathews; 4. Marie Noel, 'Attente' (1920) Alison Finch; 5. Blaise Cendrars, 'Me too buggy' (1919) Clive Scott; 6. Saint-John Perse, 'Ecrits sur la porte' (1911) Mary Gallagher; 7. Leopold Sedar Senghor, 'A New York' (1956) Roger Little; Part II. Avant-Gardes: 8. Pierre Reverdy, 'L'Esprit du dehors' (1915), 'L'Esprit dehors' (1960) Stephen Romer; 9. Paul Eluard, 'La courbe de ton coeur...' (1926) Richard Stamelman; 10. Andre Breton, 'Vigilance' (1932) Elza Adamowicz; 11. Aragon, 'Elsa je t'aime' (1941) Tom Conley; 12. Henri Michaux, 'Iniji' (1973) Margaret Rigaud-Drayton; 13. Aime Cesaire, Cahier d'un retour au pays natal (1939) Jean Khalfa; 14. Francis Ponge, 'Le Volet suivi de sa scholie' (1946) Philippe Met; Part III. Poetics of Presence: 15. Rene Char, 'Gravite' (1938) Roger Cardinal; 16. Yves Bonnefoy, 'Rue traversiere' (1987) Victoria Best; 17. Andre du Bouchet, 'Accidents' (1961) Emma Wagstaff; 18. Jacques Dupin, 'Commencer' (1969) Mary Ann Caws; 19. Philippe Jaccottet, 'L'ignorant' (1958) Jean-Michel Maulpoix; 20. Edouard Glissant, 'Pour Mycea' (1985) Jean-Pascal Pouzet; Part IV. New Voices, New Visions: 21. Michel Deguy, 'Le Metronome' (1993) Beatrice Bonhomme; 22. Bernard Heidsieck, 'Poeme-partition B2B3' (1965) Jean-Pierre Bobillot; 23. Jacques Reda, 'L'Incorrigible' (1995) Susan Harrow; 24. Bernard Noel, 'Etats de l'air' (1983) Andrew Rothwell; 25. Jacques Roubaud, 'Des que je me leve' (1986) Meryl Tyers; 26. Marie-Claire Bancquart, 'Essentiel' (1986) Shirley Jordan; 27. Nguyen B...o Viet, 'Anne Frank' (1980) Thanh-Van Ton-That; 28. Claude Esteban, 'Ils sont riches...' (1999) Robert W. Greene; 29. Gerard Titus-Carmel, 'Or battant...' (2006) Michael Bishop; 30. Jean-Michel Maulpoix, 'Bleu ne fait pas de bruit' (1992) Laure Helms; 31. Amina Said, 'Trois continents derivent' (1988) Rosemary Lloyd; 32. Pierre Alferi, 'Une defense de la poesie' (1997) Michael Sheringham; Afterword: reading twentieth-century French verse Clive Scott; Biographies of the poets; Glossary; Select bibliography; Index.


Hugues Azerad is Fellow in French at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Peter Collier is Emeritus Fellow in French at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.


'If the poet, in the words of Edouard Glissant, is a 'visionnaire du concret', this volume of close readings explores poetry as utterance situated between dream and reality without ascribing a mission to the poet or attempting to unearth hidden subtexts. These marvellously read poems follow the major currents of twentieth century French and Francophone literature and go a long way to fulfilling the editors' desires to forge a new alliance between readers and poets.' J. Michael Dash, New York University 'This anthology will be a godsend to teachers and students and, indeed, to all lovers of modern French poetry. The editors' choice of poets and poems ranges from the powerfully canonical to the challengingly contemporary, and each of the commentators brings to their analysis a combination of deep and affectionate knowledge and illuminating new insights.' Michael Worton, UCL '... both thought-provoking and informative ... Sound bibliographical details at the end of each piece, and in conclusion, also make the anthology a useful and up-to-date source for more experienced explorers of the subject.' French Studies: A Quarterly Review
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