Tutorials on Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling

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Juni 2002



Multiresolution methods in geometric modelling are concerned with the generation, representation, and manipulation of geometric objects at several levels of detail. Applications include fast visualization and rendering as well as coding, compression and digital transmission of 3D geometric objects. This book is based on thirteen tutorials presented during the European Summer School "Principles of Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling", held at the Munich University of Technology, Germany, during August 22-30, 2001. The book covers: subdivision; wavelets; scattered data modelling; and coding and data structures. The tutorials are designed to be introductory in character, and include supporting exercises. Other supplementary material and software can be downloaded from the web site 2001/.


I. Subdivision.- Subdivision of Box-Splines.- Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes.- Analysis of Convergence and Smoothness by the Formalism of Laurent Polynomials.- Eigenanalysis and Artifacts of Subdivision Curves and Surfaces.- Nonlinear Subdivision Schemes: Applications to Image Processing.- II. Wavelets.- Nonuniform B-Splines and B-Wavelets.- BLaC Wavelets and Non-Nested Wavelets.- Multiresolution on the Sphere.- III. Scattered Data Modelling.- Scattered Data Modelling Using Radial Basis Functions.- Scattered Data Fitting with Bivariate Splines.- Parameterization of Triangulations and Unorganized Points.- IV. Coding and Data Structures.- Simplification and Compression of 3D Meshes.- Multiresolution Mesh Representation: Models and Data Structures.


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