Trust Management

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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on TrustManagement,heldinOxford,UK,during29March-1April2004.Thec- ference followed a very successful 1st International Conference on Trust Ma- gement held in Crete in 2003. Both conferences were organized by iTrust, which is a working group funded as a thematic network by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) unit of the Information Society Technologies (IST) program of the European Union. The purpose of the iTrust working group is to provide a forum for cro- disciplinary investigation of the applications of trust as a means of increasing security, building con?dence and facilitating collaboration in dynamic open - stems. The notion of trust has been studied independently by di?erent academic disciplines, which has helped us to identify and understand di?erent aspects of trust. The aim of this conference was to provide a common forum, bringing together researchers from di?erent academic branches, such as the technolo- oriented disciplines, law, social sciences and philosophy, in order to develop a deeper and more fundamental understanding of the issues and challenges in the area of trust management in dynamic open systems. The response to this conference was excellent; from the 48 papers submitted to the conference, we selected 21 full papers and 6 short papers for presentation. Theprogramalsoincludedthreekeynoteaddresses,givenbyJe?Bradshawfrom theInstituteforHumanandMachineCognitionattheUniversityofWestFlorida (USA), Ian Walden who is Director of the Computer-Related Crime Research Centre at Queen Mary, University of London (UK), and Massimo Marchiori from the World Wide Web Consortium, as well as three panels and a full day of tutorials.


Keynote Addresses.- Addressing the Data Problem: The Legal Framework Governing Forensics in an Online Environment.- KAoS: A Policy and Domain Services Framework for Grid Computing and Semantic Web Services.- W5: The Five W's of the World Wide Web.- Full Papers.- A Case for Evidence-Aware Distributed Reputation Systems.- Enhanced Reputation Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Pinocchio: Incentives for Honest Participation in Distributed Trust Management.- History-Based Signature or How to Trust Anonymous Documents.- Trading Privacy for Trust.- Supporting Privacy in Decentralized Additive Reputation Systems.- Engineering Trust Based Collaborations in a Global Computing Environment.- Analysing the Relationship between Risk and Trust.- Using Risk Analysis to Assess User Trust.- E-notebook Middleware for Accountability and Reputation Based Trust in Distributed Data Sharing Communities.- Requirements Engineering Meets Trust Management.- Towards Dynamic Security Perimeters for Virtual Collaborative Networks.- Human Experiments in Trust Dynamics.- Using Trust in Recommender Systems: An Experimental Analysis.- Modeling Controls for Dynamic Value Exchanges in Virtual Organizations.- Analyzing Correlation between Trust and User Similarity in Online Communities.- Trust Development and Management in Virtual Communities.- Managing Internet-Mediated Community Trust Relations.- Reasoning About Trust: A Formal Logical Framework.- Trust Mediation in Knowledge Management and Sharing.- Enhanced Accountability for Electronic Processes.- Short Papers and Experience Reports.- The Use of Formal Methods in the Analysis of Trust (Position Paper).- Computing Recommendations to Trust.- Picking Battles: The Impact of Trust Assumptions on the Elaboration of Security Requirements.- Towards Trust Relationship Planning for Virtual Organizations.- Trust, Security, and Contract Management Challenges for Grid-Based Application Service Provision.- Deploying Trust Policies on the Semantic Web.


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