Treatment of Nerve Injury and Entrapment Neuropathy

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Februar 2002



Peripheral nerve injury and entrapment neuropathy often are complicated by injury to adjacent tissue such as bone, joints, blood vessels, and tendons. Clinicians who provide primary care in these areas require extensive knowledge of methods for treating wounds and nerve injuries. The most important element in the treatment of peripheral nerve injury is appropriate surgical repair or functional reconstruction; postoperative physical and occupational therapy are also necessary. This book summarizes current topics in Japan and other countries in the field of surgical nerve repair, including selection of treatment methods for peripheral nerve paralysis, practical issues in surgery, and aspects of postoperative care. The importance of evidence-based medicine is emphasized, with appropriate therapy decided on the basis of objective data. The book has a broad appeal to include general clinicians, clinical trainees, and allied health-care professionals.


1 Basic Research on Peripheral Nerve Injury and Regeneration.- 2 Diagnosis of Peripheral Nerve Injury and Entrapment Neuropathy.- 3 Electrophysiological Study of Peripheral Nerve Injury.- 4 Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Injury and Entrapment Neuropathy.- 5 Nerve Injury and Entrapment Neuropathy Around the Shoulder.- 6 Median Nerve Injury and Entrapment.- 7 Ulnar Nerve Injury and Entrapment.- 8 Radial Nerve Injury and Entrapment.- 9 Nerve Injury in the Hand.- 10 Nerve Injury and Entrapment in the Lower Extremity.- 11 Causalgia and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.- 12 Nerve Injury Due to Compartment Syndrome.- 13 Tumors of Peripheral Nerves.- 14 Differential Diagnosis from Spinal and Brain Disorders.- 15 Rehabilitation.- References.
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