Treating Sleep Disorders: Principles and Practice of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

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* Includes chapters on sleep phase disorders, sleep apnea, periodic limb movements, narcolepsy, limit setting disorders in children, enuresis, and night terrors.* Provides a unique, behavioral approach to sleep medicine.


Section I: Introduction to Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Chapter 1 A Historical Perspective and Commentary on Practice Issues (Edward J. Stepanski and Michael L . Perlis).
Section II: Assessment.
Chapter 2: The Measurement of Sleep (Leisha J. Smith, Sara Nowakowski, James P. Soef fing, Henry J. Orf f, and Michael L . Perlis).
Section III: Sleep Medicine.
Chapter 3: Sleep Apnea: A Challenge for Behavioral Medicine (Rosalind D. Cartwright).
Chapter 4: Periodic Limb Movements: Assessment and Management Strategies (Jack D. Edinger).
Chapter 5: The Symptomatic Management of Narcolepsy (Ann E. Rogers and Janet Mullington).
Chapter 6: Treatment Efficacy of Behavioral Interventions for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome, Periodic Leg Movement Disorder, and Narcolepsy (Tracy F. Kuo and Clete A. Kushida).
Section IV: Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Part 1: Behavioral Principles and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Chapter 7: Behavioral-Cognitive Science: The Foundation of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (Kenneth L . Lichstein and Sidney D. Nau).
Part 2 Adult Sleep Disorders and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Chapter 8: Evaluation of Insomnia (Arthur J. Spielman, Deirdre Conroy, and Paul B. Glovinsky).
Chapter 9: Primary Insomnia: Diagnostic Issues, Treatment, and Future Directions (Michael T. Smith, Leisha J. Smith, Sara Nowakowski, and Michael L . Perlis).
Chapter 10: Current Status of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Insomnia: Evidence for Treatment Effectiveness and Feasibility (Charles M. Morin, Célyne Bastien, and Josée Savard).
Chapter 11: Secondary Insomnia: Diagnostic Issues, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment, and Future Directions (Kenneth L . Lichstein, Christina S. McCrae, and Nancy M. Wilson).
Chapter 12: Circadian Rhythm Factors in Insomnia and Their Treatment (Leon C. Lack and Richard R. Bootzin).
Part 3: Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Chapter 13: Clinical Assessment of Pediatric Sleep Disorders (Avi Sadeh).
Chapter 14: Behavioral Insomnias of Childhood--Limit Setting and Sleep Onset Association Disorder: Diagnostic Issues, Behavioral Treatment, and Future Directions (Daniel S. Lewin).
Chapter 15: Parasomnias (Gerald M. Rosen, Daniel P. Kohen, and Mark W. Mahowald).
Chapter 16: Efficacy of Behavioral Interventions for
Pediatric Sleep Disturbance (Brett R. Kuhn and Amy J. Elliott).
Author Index.
Subject Index.


"...brings together for the first time a systematic and coherent overview of the field." (Psychological Medicine, Vol 34, 2004)
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