Travels of Learning

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Travels have without doubt been a perennial source of attraction to scholars in different fields. Yet historians of science have seldom looked at travels within the European space. Travels of Learning will help to fill this gap. It offers a reappraisal of the topic of scientific and technological travelling and takes the viewpoint of the European peripheries, including case studies of Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Hungary and the Scandinavian countries. The book covers different periods of time and different local settings, and uses a variety of methodological approaches. It contributes to the clarification of mechanisms of appropriation of scientific ideas, instruments, practices and of technological expertise. This book is of interest to scholars and students of history and philosophy of science and technology, to cultural and social historians and to scholars and students of science, technology and society studies. It will also appeal to high school teachers.


Notes on Contributors. Preface. Travels of Learning. Introductory Remarks; A. Simões, A. Carneiro, M.P. Diogo. A Periphery between Two Centres? Portugal in the Scientific Route from Europe to China; H. Leitão. Scientific Travels of the Greek Scholars in the Eighteenth Century; M. Patiniotis. Yirmisekiz Mehmed Çelebi's Travelogue and the Wonders that make a Scientific Centre; B. Kilinç. Emmanuel Mendes da Costa (1717-1791): A Case Study in Scientific Reputation; R. Hayward. Embodied Skills and Travelling Savants: Experimental Chemistry in Eighteenth-Century Sweden and England; B. Dolan. Constructing the Centre from the Periphery: SpanishTravellers to France at the Time of the Chemical Revolution; A. García Belmar, J.R. Bertomeu Sánchez. Under the Banner of Catalan Industry. Scientific Journeys and Technology Transfer in Nineteenth-Century Barcelona; A. Nieto-Galan. Travelling Interchanges between the Russian Empire and Western Europe: Travels of Engineers during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century; I. Gouzévitch, D. Gouzévitch. Babbage, the Analytical Engine and the Turin Academy of Sciences; M. Segala. The Role of Travels in the Internationalisation of Nineteenth-Century Portuguese Geological Science; A. Carneiro, D. Areias, V. Leitão, L. Teixeira Pinto. Discovering Switzerland: Internationalisation of Nordic Students prior to World War II; T. Myllyntaus. Accommodation to a New Centre: Albert Szent-Györgyi's Trip to the Soviet Union; G. Palló. Index.
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