Transportation after Deregulation

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September 2001



Several of the papers in this volume are concerned with assessing both the timing and the impacts of deregulation in the US transportation sector. Topics include the importance of productivity growth and the role played by new technologies in a more competitive market environment.


Deregulation, rate incentives, and efficiency in the railroad market; measuring technological change in the US motor carrier industry; deregulation and wages in trucking - a time series phenomenon, a time series approach; marketing strategy and the use of information technology - new evidence from the trucking industry; estimation of cost effects for potential trans-continental railroad mergers; red bus, green bus - market organization, driver incentives, safety, and sorting.


"some interesting policy issues resulted [from deregulation], and these papers provide further empirical assessment. It would be valuable to read all of the papers because they provide current research on the effects of deregulation in the industry." Brian Sloboda, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US Dept of Transportation, in Journal of Transportation and Statistics, Vol.7/2-3, 2004
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