Translation as Intercultural Communication

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August 1997



A selection of essays concentrating on intercultural communication in its broadest sense, with themes varying from dissident translation under the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines, to translation as a process of power in the Third World, and the role of the cognitive sciences in translation.


1. preface;
Part I: translation - sociology, culture and ethnics;
3. Translation as institution (by Hermans, Theo), p3;
4. The "death" of the author and the limits of the translator's visibility (by Arrojo, Rosemary), p21;
5. Pour une sociologie de la traduction: le cas de la litterature americaine traduite en france apres la Seconde guerre mondiale (1945-1960) (by Gouanvic, Jean-Marc), p33;
6. Translation as imposition vs. translation as requisition (by Dollerup, Cay), p45;
7. The impressionistic approach to translation theorizing, or: Twentieth-century Chinese ideas of translation htrough the western looking-glass (by Chan, Leo Tak-hung), p57;
8. Transgression and circumvention through translation in the philippines (by Stecconi, Ubaldo), p67;
9. A call for descriiptive translation studies on the turkish tradition of rewrites (by Paker, Saliha), p79;
10. Translating plays or baking apple pies: A functional approach to the study of drama translation (by Aaltonen, Sirkku), p89;
11. Translation strategies and the reception of drama performances: a mutual influence (by Mateo, Marta), p99;
12. From saint to sinner: The demonization of Ascar Wilde's Salome in Hedwig Lachmann's german translation and in RichardStrauss' opera (by Kohlmayer, Rainer), p111;
13. Translation as a process of power: Aspects of cultural anthropology in translation (by Wolf, Michaela), p123;
14. Asterix - Vom Gallier zum tschetnikjager: zur problematik von massenkommunikation und ubersetzerischer ethnik (by Kadric, Mira), p135;
15. Ethnics of translation (by Chesterman, Andrew), p147;
Part II: Translation and beyond - Aspects of communication;
17. News translation as a gatekeeping (by Vuorinen, Erkka), p161;
18. Avertising - A five-stage strategy for translation (by Smith, Veronica), p173;
19. New advertising markets as target areas for translation (by Jettmarova, Zuzana), p185;
20. Getting the message across - Simultaneous interpreting forr the media (by Kurz, Ingrid), p195;
21. "Clinton speaks german": A case study of live broadcast simultaneous interpreting (by Pochhacker, Franz), p207;
22. Bridging the gap: Verb anticipation in German-english simultaneous interpreting (by Jorg, Udo), p217;
23. A thinking-aloud experiment in subtitling (by Kovacic, Irena), p229;
24. Comprehension processes and translation. A think-aloud protocol (TAP) study (by Kussmaul, Paul), p239;
25. Ubersetzen als transkultureller verstehens- und Produltionsprozess (by Kupsch-Losereit, Sigrid), p249;
26. Von scheuklappen, Mikroskopen und Fernrohren: Der umgang mit wissen in der entwicklung der Uberseetzungskompetenz (by Risku, Hanna), p261;
27. Ein koharentes translat - was ist das? Die kulruspezifik der texterwartungen (by Resch, Renate), p271;
28. Murder in the laboratory - termhood and the culture gap (by Kaiser-Cooke, Michele), p283;
29. A model for translation of legal texts (by Madsen, Dorte), p291;
30. New ideas from historical concepts: Schleiermacher and modern translation theory (by Rubberdt, Irene), p301;
31. A matter of life and death: gender stereotypes in some modern dutch bible translations (by Vries, Anneke de), p313;
Part III: Panel discussion;
33. Translation as intercultural communication - contact as conflict (by Schaffner, Christina), p325;
34. EST focus: report on research training issues (by Gile, Daniel), p339;
35. List of contributors, p351
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