Translation and the Law

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Part of the "American Translators Association" series, this text covers such topics as: translation and the language of the law; responding to change and to difference; professional issues; and persons, laws and the presence of the translator.


1. Editor's preface to translation and the law (by Morris, Marshall), p1; 2. Section 1: Translation and the language of the law; 3. Indeterminacy, translation and the law (by Joseph, John E.), p13; 4. Understood by all concerned? Anglo/Aboriginal legal translation (by Cooke, Michael S.), p37; 5. Section 2: Responding to change and to difference; 6. Riding the waves of fortune: Translating legislation of the successor Soviet Republics (by Brown, Cornelia E.), p67; 7. Where the devil meets his gradnmother: Iceland and european community Legislation (by Kunz, Keneva), p85; 8. Legal interpreting on trial: a case study (by Dunnigan, Timothy), p93; 9. Language in evidence: The pragmatics of translation and the judicial process (by Bucholtz, Mary), p115; 10. The use of translators and interpreters in cases requiring forensic speaker identification (by Storey, Kate), p131; 11. Translating japanese legal documents into English: A short course (by Beyer, Vicki L.), p145; 12. Culture clash: Anglo-American case law and german civil law in translation (by Smith, Sylvia A.), p179; 13. Section 3. Professional issues, professional practice; 14. On the horns of a dilemma: Accuracy vs. Brevity in the use of legal terms by court interpreters (by Mikkelson, Holly), p201; 15. textual density and the judiciaary interpreter's performance (by Palma, Janis), p219; 16. A new wind of quality fro Europe: Implications of the court case cited by Holz-Manttari for the U.S. translation industry (by Hammond, Matt), p233; 17. The legal translator as information broker (by Obenaus, Gerhard), p247; 18. Section 4: Persons, laws and the presence of the translator; 19. Pragmatism, precept and passions: the attitude of english-language legal systems to Non-english speakers (by Morris, Ruth), p263; 20. Las Siete partidas in America: Problems of cultural transmission in the translation of legal signs (by Stone, Marilyn), p281; 21. Just interpreting: Role conflicts and discourse types in court interpreting (by Niska, Helge), p293; 22. Contributors, p317; 23. ATA corporate members (1995), p321; 24. ATA institutional members (1995), p329; 25. Americcan translators Association officers and board of directors, 1995 recipients of the Alexander Gode Medal, p331; 26. Subject index, p333
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