Transits of Venus: New Views of the Solar System and Galaxy

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Juni 2005



IAU C196 coincided with the 8 June 2004 transit of Venus, producing the exciting, eclectic mix that can be found in these proceedings: the amazing history of the English North-country astronomers of the seventeenth century; the AU at a precision of 1.4 m; the explanation for the infamous black drop effect; a possible Mayan observation of a transit of Venus in the thirteenth century; the vexed question of leap seconds and time scales; history, distances, parallaxes, the solar system at exquisite precision and future space missions that will revolutionize astronomy.


Part I. Transits of Venus: History, Results and Legacy: Part II. The AU and the PC; Part III. Transits, the Solar System and Extra-Solar Planets; Part IV. The Jeremiah Horrocks Memorial Public Lecture; Part V. New Views of the Galaxy: Parallaxes, Distances and Implications for Astrophysics; Part VI. New Views of the Galaxy: Future Space and Ground-Based Programmes; Part VII. Summary.


"...does an admirable job detailing the rich history and science behind Venus's past trips in front of the Sun. Because of this, the text is accessible to the intersted amateur, and it serves as a great reference." --Sky & Telescope
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