Trans-Atlantic Dimensions of Ethnicity in the African Diaspora

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Mai 2004



This group of essays, from research affiliated with the UNESCO Slave Route Project, explores trans-Atlantic linkages and cultural overlays during the era of slavery and after. The essays concentrate on ethnicity and culture and their manifestations on both sides of the Atlantic.


Introduction, Paul Lovejoy and David Trotman; Igbo and the African diaspora, Ugo Nwokeji; Yoruba and Kongo in Trinidad - the legacy, David Trotman; Islam and the Atlantic crossing, Paul Lovejoy; Calabali slaves in Neue Granada, Renee Soulodre-La France; the ethnicity of African-born slaves in 18th century Guatemala, Rina Caceres; resistance to slavery in Angola and Brazil, Jose Curto and Manolo Florentino; gender and ethnicity -patterns in the non-sugar economy of Jamaica in the 18th century, Verene Shepherd; Brazilian influence on Benin and Benin influence on Brazil, Elisee Soumonni and Joseph Adande; religion and ethnicity in Bahia, Joao Reis; the African origins of the slave population of Louisiana, Gwendolyn Hall.


Paul E. Lovejoy is Distinguished Research Professor in History at York University, Canada, David V Trotman is Associate Professor of History and Humanities at York University, Canada, and formerly Master of Founders College.

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