Traffic Grooming for Optical Networks

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August 2008



This book presents the practical motivation, theoretical description, and extant techniques for traffic grooming in optical networks. The description of the various topics of research will be authored by leading researchers in this area, and will contain comprehensive description of related literature for each area. This book is intended to be a definitive reference and text for traffic grooming both for the practitioner in industry and the student in academia.


Foundations.- Grooming Switches.- Control Plane Support.- Grooming Mechanisms in SONET/SDH and Next-Generation SONET/SDH.- Computational Complexity.- Hierarchical Traffic Grooming.- Techniques.- Traffic Grooming In SONET/SDH Rings.- Traffic Grooming in Next-Generation SONET/SDH Networks.- Mathematical Programming Approaches.- Survivable Traffic Grooming.- Traffic Grooming Under Scheduled Service.- Dynamic Grooming Algorithms.- Performance Models for Dynamic Traffic Grooming.- Multipoint Traffic Grooming.- Frontiers.- Multi-Domain Traffic Grooming.- Grooming of Scheduled Demands in Multi-Layer Optical Networks.- All-Optical Traffic Grooming.
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