Trade, Industrialization and the Firm in Iran: The Impact of Government Policy on Business

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Juli 2005



Government interventions in the economies of developing countries frequently do not achieve their intended goals. Policymakers' expectations often fall wide of the mark when compared with actual behavior of consumers, producers and businessmen. In an important study that has wide significance for the field of development economics as a whole, Hadjikhani and Amid study the impact of trade and industrial policies on the economy and business behavior of Iran. Part one of the book deals with the impact of government policy on various aspects of foreign trade, while the second part studies the effects of various industrial relationships of Iranian firms with their foreign partners.


Javad Amid is a senior lecturer at the Department of Economics, Uppsala University, Sweden. His previous writings include a book on Iranian agriculture and papers on economic development. Amjad Hadjikhani is Professor of Marketing at Uppsala University.

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