Town and Country in Europe, 1300 1800

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November 2003



This book offers the first survey of relations between town and country across Europe between the Black Death and the Enlightenment. Thirteen specially commissioned chapters give comprehensive coverage, from Spain to Sweden, and from the Polish Commonwealth to the Netherlands and Italy. Each chapter analyzes its country in the light of recent debates on state formation, urbanization, protoindustrialization, and the regional character of premodern economic growth. The Introduction discusses the historiographical and theoretical framework for systematic comparison, emphasizing how alternative political configurations could set countries on different paths to growth.


1. Introduction: town and country in Europe, 1300-1800 S. R. Epstein; 2. Town and country in Sweden, 1450-1650 Robert Sandberg; 3. Town and country in Holland, 1300-1550 Peter Hoppenbrouwers; 4. Town and country in the Dutch Republic, 1550-1800 Marjolein 't Hart; 5. Town and country in England, 1300-1570 James A. Galloway; 6. Town and country in England, 1570-1750 Paul Glennie; 7. Town and country in the Polish Commonwealth, 1350-1650 Andrzej Janeczek; 8. Town and country in the Austrian and Czech Lands, 1450-1750 Markus Cerman and Herbert Knittler; 9. Town and country in Germany, 1350-1600 Tom Scott; 10. Town and country in Switzerland, 1450-1750 Martin Korner; 11. Town and country in France, 1550-1750 Thomas Brennan; 12. Town and country in Castile, 1400-1650 Pablo Sanchez Leon; 13. Town and country in central and northern Italy, 1500-1750 Carlo Maria Belfanti; 14. Town and country in the Kingdom of Naples, 1500-1750 Brigitte Marin.


S. R. Epstein is Reader in Economic History at the London School of Economics.


"The dozen essays in this well-edited volume provide a well-balanced and geographically extensive introduction to the current state of scholarship on the relation between town and country in late medieval and early modern Europe." Renaissance and Reformation "The essays are imformed by current historiographical thinking and are highly readable." CHOICE Jan 2002 "This volume is one of the freshest and fullest treatments of scholarship about town and country relations in premodern European urban history, and deserves a wide and appreciative reading. This is shrewd economic history that details, complicates, and therefore advances our understanding of a central theme of urban history." Journal of Interdisciplinary History "This is an important and thought-provoking collection..." Canadian Journal of History
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